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Robot trading is referred to an Automated Trading Software(Auto Trader for short) which allows you to trade automatically in the Binary Options Market. Robots are well-known for their quick market trend analysis and ability to trade on the perfect moment with a high chance of making a profit.

Many robots are available today with many unique features but not all of them are legit. In this article we will take a short comparison review between some good robots and bad robots available on the market. This is good to learn what they offer and what they can accomplish for you.

What makes a good Auto Trader Robot

There are 6 known indicators upon which a auto trader robot is based upon. There could be more based on which one you choose and what combination are at work. The six known parameters are–

  1. Trend Indicator – Determines market trend and takes the decision to put or call. The trade is placed directly with compatible broker on your behalf so you don’t have lift a finger.
  2. RSI(Relative Strength Index) Indicator – When price is high majority will sell and when the price goes low people will buy, following other people’s system is usually profitable.
  3. Williams Indicator – Simplified version on RSI indicator where it grabs extreme over or undersold areas and attacks them in short positions.
  4. MACD(Moving Average Convergence Divergence) Indicator – Compliment to the Trend Indicator, which measures between 2 moving averages and plots against history to make a forecast.
  5. STOCH(Stochastic Oscillator) Indicator – It follows both speed and momentum of the market condition and determines trades.
  6. CCI(Commodity Channel Index) Indicator – It bases everything off a given average over a length of time and uses that average to determine trends.


Legit and Trusted Robots:

These are only handful of robots which we at binary options tested are aware of which are legit and trust worthy due to their past performance and period of existence.

Binary Options Robot: 

This robot uses signals from a highly sophisticated algorithm and real signal providers. It compares past trading data with the present data in order to predict the market change. For a any person it is impossible to be comparing the past data and make trading decisions non-stop based on previous trend.

Binary Options Robot comes comes with many unique features which makes it one of the best robots available right now. The features offered by Binary Options Robot are –

Full Automatated Trading System: This robot provides 100% automated trading so you can sit back and relax. All you have to do is start this robot and after that you can just forget about it and the robot will do the magic to turn your money into profits.

Wide Option of Supported Brokers: The robot is compatible with 12 different brokers. Other legit robots usually support 1 or 2 maximum brokers on an average but only Binary Option Robot gives you the freedom to choose the broker you want. You can even run multiple brokers changing one after the other if you like. Complete list of compatible brokers with this robot are –

Fully web-based: This robot is completely web based which means you do not have to worry about downloading any software in order to use this robot. Their website is mobile ready which means you can use it anywhere anytime to match your needs.

Full FREE Robot: This robot comes without any price tag. There is no hidden charge as well. Some of the auto traders deduct a percentage from your winnings but this robot doesn’t have any running costs. They will charge the broker which you decide to trade with and in return you get to use the robot for free.

Approved by BOT: This robot is approved by Binary options Tested. We have done demo test on it.


alert1 Scam services be to aware of: See Blacklisted Services

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Option Robot:

This robot generates trading signals and execute trades automatically to your linked broker account. The is different to the above robot as his robot needs you to stay on to their website as long as you wish it to execute the trades on your behalf. We think its’s a good option as well so that you can watch and learn. The features they currently offer:

3 Different Trade Systems: You can customize your robot in 3 different ways based on your preferable trading method.

  • Classic System – It is considered as the safest and secured system, recommended for the new users.
  • Martingale System – This system allows the user to gain faster profit in a quicker time but at higher risk.
  • Fibonacci System – This system is most accurate because the trade size will change depending on your will or lose sequence.

Supports Demo Account: This robot can be used in demo mode which operates in the same way as a real account without having really placing the trades on the market. You can test mode to train yourself and practice without costing any money. You could do that with any system though contact and we will tell you how. and take this opportunity to make yourself more familiar with the binary options market.


Binary Options Tested is a safe website in which I have strong security by using firewall and IP protection to keep it safe from website attacks. I also have SSL security in place for encryption to make everything you see on my website safe and secure so you are sure  everything is authentic here. Telegram Crypto+Forex Signal Service

Fake/Non-functional Robots:


This robot offers to reveal 3.2 million dollar JPY loophole, which is unreal. It features a video with a guy talking about how he will make you rich. Its a typical scammer’s way of leading you in. Let’s reveal why you should not trust this robot –

  • Cheap video filled with lies – The video featured on their website shows nothing but some texts on the screen and a voice narrates about some made up stories to make you rich. No person is shown in the video and no real information is provided. It is full of garbage to tempt ordinary people with a ridiculous amount of money without any proof.
  • Bad Website – Their website is not really a website but just a page. All you can do is watch the video and a box form to enter your details. There is a login section which doesn’t even work. This questions whether there is even a robot software at all.
  • No Information Given – The robot creator only tells us that his name is Hiro Katsumi. There is no other information about him or the robot which confirms our theory.
  • See TokyoBot’s full review
  • Website

Make Money Robot:

Another fake non-working robot which promises you to make 1586$ each day just by using it. They also claim that their robot is usable by any unskilled computer user and takes only minute to make all the money. Let’s talk about their flaws and cheap tricks of this worthless robot –

  • Limited User Policy – Like other scamming robots and brokers they show fake information to attract users. It says only 350 licenses available each day so you should sign up now. Every fake robot does the same to get your attention where a real robot will never put this kind of limitations to their users.
  • Fake Special Access – Whenever you visit their website it will say you have only one day left to access. It makes you think that this robot is exclusive but in reality they show it every time you visit the website. It is nothing but a cheap trick to draw people’s attention.
  • Fake SSL Security Sticker – It also shows a SSL Secured Signup sticker which is completely fake and used to make it look like a real and legit website with a working robot.
  • website:

More Fake Robots. The list goes on and on..

BOT's Trusted Auto Traders: Bin Bot Pro BOT's Trusted Binary Brokers: BinaryCent

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