Finpari review

Finpari is a reputed binary options broker which was founded in 2014 with head office located in Scotland. It is owned by two different companies, Norske Inter LP which is in Aberdeen, Scotland and the other named Lerona Impex SA which is located in Seychelles. They are one of the best broker available all around the world and it also accepts clients from the United States. What makes it one of the best of its kind? Why should you start trading on them? Why is it so much popular in the market? Let’s find out all the details you need to know about it in this detailed Finpari review.

Phone All lines 24 hours a day.
Tested and spoke with live person within 5 mins!
+1-646-8849563   +7-499-7033774  
3-395-0396   081-855-7055  
Webchat 24 hours a day with attended representatives

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Trading Platform:

Finpari is powered by the SpotOption 2.0 platform. The trading platform is currently available on Web Browsers, Android devices and Apple devices. It is also integrated with the ZuluTrade which makes it enable to get signals from thousand other traders. There is also one special feature named “Follow the Trader” which allows you to follow the style and technique of the best traders around the whole world.

Strategically Located Centers

What Does Finpari Offer to its Users?

Two different kinds of account are available matching your own needs, Trading account and Fixed Income account. Let’s talk in details about both of them.

Trading Account:

During my Finpari review I found that you can trade on binary options market like other binary options trader. There are 3 different types of trading accounts as following:

Account types offered
Bronze Silver Gold
open $250 $1001 $3001
20% Bonus 50% Bonus 100% Bonus [th]
Trading Course (Book + Video) Trading Course (Book + Video) Trading Course (Book + Video)
Demo Account Demo Account Demo Account
Master Class ( Web Session) Master Class ( Web Session)
3 Risk Free Trades 3 Risk Free Trades
Trading Protection Trading Protection
Swiss Prepaid Card
Individual Account Manager

Fixed Income Account:

In this account you can invest 500$ to 50,000$ in minimum 1 month duration. It offers 10% monthly income on your invested money and settlement of return is on daily basis. You can withdraw your money in 1 hour like the trading account withdrawal system.

Binary Options Contest:

Finpari also hosts a binary options contest on every month with an attractive 20,000$ prize pool. 20 winners will be announced every week and joining in the contest is completely free and the result does not depend on your trading history or result.

Reliable Customer Service:

Finpari is very much dedicated to its customers and comes with a strong customer service. It offers 24/7 Live Chat, Phone support for worldwide clients based in 5 countries and support in at least 4 major languages.

Finpari Trading Platform

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What makes Finpari so special?

Wide option in trading contracts with different time frames:

It offers 5 different trading options to its users. These are

  • Standard Options
  • Long Term
  • Short Term
  • Ladder
  • One Touch

You can trade using any options from above with 6 different expiry time frames from the list below

  • 60 seconds
  • 30 minutes
  • 1/2/4/8/12 hours
  • End of the Day
  • Weekly
  • Monthly

Accepts clients from United States:

The United States of America is very strict about the Binary Options Trading. They do not allow every broker operate in the region. Finpari abides by US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) regulations.

Quickest Withdrawal:

Finpari comes with the quickest withdrawal time considering other brokers. It guarantees that the withdrawal time is less than 1 hour. This is quite unbelievable but thousands of investors have received their payment in just 1 hour. So definitely it is keeping its promise for the quickest withdrawal.

Accepts Paypal And Bitcoin:

We haven’t come across many brokers who accept Paypal as deposit and withdrawal method. It also accepts Bitcoin along with other common payment methods such as Credit cards, Wire transfer etc. which makes them really versatile on payment methods.

Helpful Education Center:

Finpari comes with an education center from it’s help you can increase and improve your knowledge on binary options trading. You can get both basic and advanced tricks and tips. They also give video tutorials explaining the system. Also there is a special feature to learn trading from the professionals inside their education center area.

Low Minimum Deposit with Minimum Trade:

In order to start trading on Finpari you need to deposit at least 250$ which is standard as with other famous and reliable binary brokers. Also the minimum trade value is fairly low, 1$ minimum per 60 seconds trade and 10$ minimum for all other trades. If you are looking for trading slow and safe this might be a perfect place for you to start.

Wide range of Assets to Trade on:

It comes with the biggest range of assets to trade on. You can invest your money from a huge list of 63 stocks, 18 currency pairs, 8 commodities, 40 indices.

What Makes Finpari So Trustable?

SSL Secured Website:

Finpari website is secured by 256bit SSL Security which ensures that the communication between your device are encrypted and  cannot be intercepted by a third party.

Trusted by Thousand other Peoples:

More than 10,000 trades take place on Finpari every day. It has thousands of users from different countries who made profit by trading on them. During Finpari review, it was never reported as a scam broker by any trusted binary option reviewer rather you can find most of them recommending you to use it for its great service.

Professional Opinion:

Finpari is top binary options broker available on the market. It has attracted lots of users with its unique and profitable features since the beginning and never let them down. 90% return rate with the quickest withdrawal time makes it very different than the other brokers. The trading platform is also very user friendly. I definitely recommend keeping Finpari on top of your trusted and most profitable broker list. I hope you enjoyed this Finapari reivew. For any issues contact us or leave comment below. Thanks.


All of BOT's recommended service is backed up by Binary Option Tested's 100% satisfaction guaranteed seal. Which means if you are not fully satisfied with our recommended service then please contact us and we will help you out. In addition we provide everyone with our full help support through email absolutely free.

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Verdict: Finpari is Rcommended

Finpari Signup <–Offical link


Instant Cash App scam review

Have you ever heard the name of Binary options trading? Do you know how it works? Can you believe that you can earn money from trading without having any knowledge of market? Do you think there can be an auto pilot system that can help you earn millions within just months of using it? Do you think you can make $2000 per day using any automated trading software? Is it possible to earn money without doing any work? This is all that Instant Cash App claims. Is it another scam? We will try to find out the answer here.

What is Instant Cash App? is an automated Binary options trading software that claims to enable the members earn $2000 per day for the rest of their life. It claims that members using this system can earn minimum of $60000 per month. Not only this, if you are living in countries like South Africa, United Kingdom, Australia, United States of America, UAE, then you can make as much as $4000 per day for the rest of your life. Can you believe it? It is too good to be true. The owner of Instant Cash App is a person named as Mark Davis. He claims that he is offering Instant Cash App to 50 people per year free of cost. All they need is sign up and then put in some cash in their trading account so that his auto pilot can start working for you. It needs just 5 minutes to do this. All this is just another way of fooling people of their hard earned money with bogus claims.

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alert1 Scam services be to aware of: See Blacklisted Services

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Who can use Instant Cash App?

As per the claims, Instant Cash App can be used by anyone. Even novice person who has literally no knowledge about trading and market can make use of this system and become a millionaire. Can you believe it? I mean it’s true that binary options trading can help you earn lots of money but to get success in that needs lots of efforts, consistency and hard work on the part of users. No one can become millionaire using any auto pilot trading software. It is nothing but a swindle.

FAQs on the Instant Cash App website

Here are the FAQ answered at the website of Instant Cash App:

Can anyone qualify to use the Instant Cash App?

Absolutely! The Instant Cash App works 100% on autopilot for absolutely anybody. If you have the ambition to start making at least $2,000 daily then you qualify! (Can you believe it? It is nothing but a way to lure innocent people)

Do I need to install any programs?

No, not a single software download is required. Instant Cash App is 100% web-based. Users can use their system license 24/7, from any internet capable device such as: PC, MAC, mobile phone, tablet.

Is the Instant Cash App easy to use?

Instant Cash App has been meticulously constructed with the newbie trader in mind. The result is a user-friendly system that is easily accessible. The software can be placed on autopilot 24/7. Put simply, it is all done for you! (Is it that simple to make millions of dollars with just placing an auto-pilot? Please do not fall prey to such claims.)

How much will Instant Cash App cost after the free trial?

Instant Cash App profit model is based on a 100% win win strategy. After the 30 day none committed trial, members become our official partners and share 10% of their net profit only. (Another way to fool people)

What amount of daily profits can I expect from Instant Cash App?

Depending on your location you can expect to see average daily profits of either $2,000 or $4,000 every single day!  (Lie lie and more lies)

How do I withdraw my daily profits?

By sending in a short email with your name and request you will receive your funds within 12 to 24 hours. I have tried other online ventures and failed, why should I try yours? Unlike other fake offers out there the Instant Cash App is the real. We have worked meticulously to ensure that our software makes a MINIMUM of $2,000 daily cash for each and every single one of our members. (All bogus claims)

I have tried other online ventures and failed, why should I try yours?

Unlike other fake offers out there Instant Cash App is the real. Instant Cash App. Our unique Software allows members to upgrade their weekly income with a simple and 5 star program. (It is no different than other scamming auto-pilot software in the market)

Will I be offered access to an Instant Cash App representative?

Absolutely! Simply register your account above then your own personal representative will be available 24/7. (Highly unreliable customer care)

Q) Why do I need a 3rd party trading account?

Instant Cash App advanced technology generates high daily returns for its members by trading the international markets. Each member must have a trading account in order to link the software and start profiting. (yes, you need a trading account and fund that with minimum balance, only then they can loot you of your hard earned money)

How can I contact Instant Cash App?

For your convenience, help is available seven days a week. Support is available through email (). For phone assistance, email our staff with your phone number & your call will be returned as soon as possible. (Just register with the site and they will bug you with calls and emails to convince you to fund your trading account and use their bogus system)

Instant Cash App features:

cross-75x75   Bad website
cross-75x75   Extremely High risk to scam
cross-75x75   Big fake emotional promises
cross-75x75   Soul less actor who would do anything to steal your money

Our Advice

Instant Cash App is just another scam that aims at fooling innocent people of their hard earned money. It is very clear that no one app can help you earn $2000 per day. Binary options Trading can help you earn money but not like this. It requires one to gain knowledge and experience about the market. Even the most successful auto traders so far cannot give more than 60-70% accuracy and there will be some days when you will earn nothing or may also lose some money as well. So $2000 per day claim is nothing but a way to lure the public. We strongly advise our readers to stay away from such claims.

Scam characteristics

There are several loopholes in this system. First thing the creator says that it offers Instant Cash App to only 50 people per year and you need to act fast if you want to grab the opportunity. There is even a timer on the website that indicates that time is running out and you need to act fast. However, if you will refresh the page, the timer will start again. So it itself proves that this is a fraud system. Not only this, you can see pics of people flashing on the screen with profits that have made using this auto-pilot. These people are supposed to be members of this scheme but there is no evidence to prove this.

Another thing is that you see faces of the technical team behind the creation of this software but there is no prove of their existence. There is no link to their social media profiles where you can see them. If you will try to search, you will find that those pics are just random pics taken from internet. So do not fool yourself by falling prey to this fraudulent scheme.

Another false claim that this system makes is that it says many top news websites such as CNN, CNBC and Bloomsberg. But when you will try to search for it in those websites, you will get nothing about it on those sites.


Instant Cash App is nothing but one another scam hitting the market. Do not fool yourself by believing that any auto-trading system can make you earn $2000 per day without even knowledge of trading basics. Instead of falling prey to such fraudulent schemes and losing your hard earned money, try to do some hard work by learning about the trends of market and how the binary trading options work. There is no shortcut to success and you need to accept this fact. We strongly advise you not to go for any get rich quick schemes like Instant Cash App.


Verdict: INSTANT CASH APP  is a SCAM!!

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1k daily profit binary trading scam review


What is 1k Daily Profit system? Can I really make $1000 everyday with this system? Is it really possible to earn money while I am asleep using this auto trader? Read this detailed review to find out if you can make money online with this new online trading scheme which came out recently.

What is 1k Daily profit?

It is an automated online trading service developed by fake identity named John Becker. It claims to help users make a profit of $1000 on daily basis using binary trading options. It claims that it can help people make maximum profit with least efforts and time. All they need to do is activate the automated service on their system. However it turns out that this online auto trader is another online swindle.

watch the video

Who can use it?

This automated system is most likely targeted toward novice users of internet and people who want to make money online but they have literally no experience of trading. Moreover it claims that the users will be able to trade like pros. It is based on a relatively new algorithm that claims to have been used by great traders like Warren Buffet which is a complete utterly false. The accuracy rate is claimed to be as high as 99.8%, again any Auto Trader signal service claiming to have over 60%-70% winning rate is a lie. Above all, you can be sure that you would be losing positions in the market with this auto pilot online scam.

1K Daily Profit offers?

John Becker claims that this automated software is free to use but the fact is that it’s not; it is backed by some scammy broker located in some secret locations. 1k daily profit is supposed to provide users with access to an algorithm that will enable them to earn profits of $1000 daily even when they are away from the system. The claim is too good to be true.


FAQ answered by John Becker (Fake Identity)                                             

Following are some of the commonly asked questions as answered by on his website:

  1. What I can expect from this system?

The system claims that the members can earn a profit of $1000 on daily basis, $30000 monthly and $365000 yearly. (Complete scammy statement using greed factor to lure in innocent inexperienced traders). Lies

  1. How much I need to work for earning the profit?

You just need to work for an hour per day and you will have good flow of income. (Again a big lie, it takes more time to research market in a chosen asset before placing positions). 

  1. Can I earn even more than 1k with this system?

There is no limit on the profit that you can earn using this system. This automated system gives unlimited potential to its users to make as much money as possible. (Lies lies more lies)

  1. How much I need to pay for using this system?

This automated system is free to use is sharing this system for free. He claims that there are no hidden fees in using this system. The users just need to fill up a form and they can get access to the system that will change their life.(They will most likely store your details and spam you forever, very untrustworthy)

  1. Is there any similarity between MLM, Forex or Affiliate marketing with this system?

There is absolutely no similarity between 1k daily profit and MLM, forex or affiliate marketing. This system is based on an entirely new algorithm that helps users to win trades with accuracy as high as 99.8 %. (There is no evidence of what they say is true)



1k Daily Profit features:

cross-75x75   Fake trust badges on website
cross-75x75   Get rich soon promises
cross-75x75   High risk to scam
cross-75x75   No proof of earnings

All readers are informed to be skeptical of offers like the 1K Daily Profit which promise get rich quick schemes. They may also offer bonus or cash money. These fake scam websites will promise you dreams like buying your own house soon, pay college fees for your children, quit your day job etc. I plead everyone to stay away from such websites and not become victim to this and end up paying them to make you rich this way. Binary Options is a method to make money online however it requires years of practice, market knowledge and experience before you can start making money this way.

Scammy Broker

This 1k daily profit automated software appears to be a scam at the first sight itself. It was launched on 15 February 2016. They have signed up with broker called Binary Brokerz which is untrusted, unregulated and unregistered. I mean how many of legitimate businesses have casual z(brokerz) instead of s. These people are professional scammers, that is why they are not familiar for business etiquettes.  The team who created this automated software in fact successfully scammed a few binary options traders even a week before the launch of the system. The fact is that 1k daily profit is not an automated system that will help you make $1000 profit on daily basis, rather it is a scam that will steal your hard earned money from you. It is full of lies that have been told on the site by actors to misguide common people.

There are many things that prove that this automated system is nothing but a scam. For example the person who is claimed to be the creator of the system is not a real identity thus not a real legal business. Yes, this 1K Daily Profit is nothing but a scam. The picture on the website that is claimed to be of John Becker is a random pic picked online. It was used just to create a fake identity by the team behind the creation of this system. It was clear when attempts were made to locate his identity at various social media networks. There was no information about the founder of 1k daily profit system.

Several binary options traders reported even before the launch of this system that it is a scam. Another thing that points to it is that this system claims to enable the users to earn $1000 per day, $7000 per week and $365000 annually. However, we all know that there markets are open only 5 days a week that is Monday to Friday. So even if you are able to earn $1000 per day, then also you cannot earn $7000 in a week.

Another thing that goes against this system is its claim of 99.8% success rate. The expert traders are aware of the fact that no automated system can have this much of success rate. No automated system can predict the whole market movements accurately. Even the most powerful and successful auto traders of the industry hardly have a success rate of 85%. Not only the false claims by the system, but even the actors that have been used in the video presentation on the site.


After the careful examination of the system, it can be concluded that this system is a scam and there are many things to prove this face and hence you should not fall into the trap of this automated system. The aim of 1k daily profit scheme is to deceive innocent people of their hard earned money, hence stay alert and never fall prey to such gimmicks.


Verdict: 1k Daily Profit is a SCAM!!

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How Binary Options Robots Work?

Binary Trading is one of the easiest ways to earn money in these economically volatile times. You just need to know how to use the relevant data right and map the signals that can put you on step closer to becoming rich. If you are new to binary trading then you must know that you don’t need to sweat a lot in order to profit from binary trading. It can be done quite easily by using technology. How? Read on to find out how.


What are Binary Options Robots?

Fully automated

Binary Options Robots are simply software that helps you to earn loads of money by using its complex algorithm technology. There are a few variations of this software. Some software would allow you to simply sit back and relax while they do the trading for you in lieu of a fee. This software will take over your accounts and do the trading with no option for manual intervention.

Signals service

The second option is the trading software that signals you of important events and news that can impact trading. You just need to use the data provided in the right manner to earn loads of money. The third option is to simply copy highly experienced traders’ moves and earn money
from it. You don’t need any technical or in-depth knowledge for this option as you blindly follow an expert who knows what he or she is doing.

How Do Binary Options Robots Work?

Binary robots have the capacity to receive signals from 6 types of trading indicators. If one selects more than one indicator, it must be remembered that they must be correlated. Otherwise, the signal will not be generated.

For instance, if one selects MACD and RSI, they both have to be PUT signals to allow a robot to execute a PUT trade. The same applies to CALL. If a person wishes for a robot to execute CALL trade, both MACD and RSI must be CALL signals. If MACD provides a Call signal and RSI provides a PUT signal, the robot would not execute any trade. Both MACD and RSI are the indicators that offer the best signals.

alert1 Scam services be to aware of: See Blacklisted Services

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Popular Trend Indicators

MACD: Moving Average Convergence is a signal that’s provided only when two moving averages that have different periods cross each other. Binary robots use MA20 (20-period moving average) and MA50 (50-period moving average). When MA50 cross under MA20, the robot would produce a CALL signal and when MA50 moves over MA20, the robot would produce a PUT signal.

RSI: Relative Strength Index highly depends on the magnitude of recent losses and gains. This signal is provided when there are several gains closes rates when compared to the low losses closes rates. This signal is also provided when there are several losses closes rates when compared to the gains losses closes rates. The former situation is called an overbought situation while the latter is called oversold situation. In the overbought situation, the robot will give a PUT signal while in the oversold situation it would give a CALL signal.

Market Direction: This indicator would offer the buy or sell signals only after considering the evolution of market when compared to the past rates.

Binary Options Tested is a safe website in which I have strong security by using firewall and IP protection to keep it safe from website attacks. I also have SSL security in place for encryption to make everything you see on my website safe and secure so you are sure  everything is authentic here. Telegram Crypto+Forex Signal Service

Stoch Indicator: The Stochastic Oscillator would compare the last closing rate with the price range of a certain time frame. This indicator is similar to RSI indicator because it identifies oversold and overbought situations. When the closing rate closes very near to the high of the period, it would offer PUT signal. If the last closing rate is much near to the low of the period, a CALL signal would be generated.

Williams Percentage: The Williams %R would compare the closing rate with the average rate over a specified period. In an overbought situation, it would offer a PUT signal and in the oversold situation it would offer a CALL signal.

CCI Indicator: The Commodity Channel Index would analyze the relationship between the moving average, the current rate and the normal deviations from the specified moving average. This indicator would determine if the currency pair is oversold or overbought. It would also offer PUT signal in overbought and CALL signal in oversold situations. One should use the CCI indicator along with any of the oscillator indicators such as RSI, MACD, Williams %R, or Stochastic.

Are Binary Options Robots A Scam?

If you have the opinion that all binary options are a scam then you are not altogether right. There are several genuine Binary Options Robots over the internet that has helped millions of people to be rich by investing a small amount of money. See our article on which are good and bad robots. All you need to do is to differentiate between a scammer and a genuine binary options robots provider. How can you do it? Keep reading to know.

To filter a genuine website, you should remember that the layout of the website should be good, it should show the recent trades and explain the features of the software well. A genuine website would also allow you to have a chat with customer support at least during busines hours, it will charge a nominal fee not a hefty one and would not make unreasonable promises. In our experience earning $50 – $100 every day as a beginner in binary options trading is possible. A genuine website would also be a bit old(due to length in business) and have the option of trading in more than one commodity.

Our Honest Opinion on Using Binary Options Robots

Our honest opinion of the Binary Options Robots is that you should try the robots if you think you can understand what they are doing. Start with a free version or a demo so that you understand how they work. When you get comfortable with the process, use the manual trading option as giving total control of your trading to a technological entity when you don’t understand the trading much isn’t a wise option. Afterwards, when you get ample knowledge and experience of binary trading, you can try a fully automated binary options robot. If you are interested in learning more about binary options robots see our article.

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GPS Trader scam review

GPS Trader warning

The in thing nowadays is online trading from binary options, to bets to name them all. Maybe most of you have so far heard of GPS Trader and how it is pretty a lure if not being called pushy to let people sign up. It is because of the never ending urges that have made us look closely into this system to clear the air whether it is up to the game. We do not intend to refer to it as a scam but it is just that we would not recommend it based on matters of legitimacy. There are so many binary option trade systems and at least we have a slight idea how they should be operating.

I bet that probably GPS trader do not understand how binary options move along. What surround this trader are lots of misleading claims and some racket schemes as we see it. To begin with, how is it possible to make up to $20,000 in just one day, with a simple 3 minute set up, none of your effort except that for the GPS team?  This is what the alleged founder of GPS Trader, Richard Heffner, is offering; and fully guaranteed for life. Total lies.

Info check:

What makes GPS Trader fake

First and foremost, the CEO of GPS Trader, Richard Heffner, via his popular presentation does not really explain what this trader is all about. To some extent, we think that he does not adequately understand the concept of binary options trading. The fact that GPS is claimed to be paired with Rapid Counter Trade to detect any contingency trade is not in line with binary options. The volatility is prone to change the risk level even with the slightest change resulting to many trades being executed either way for a loss or a win.

watch the video

The next reason that raises eyebrows is the testimonials that we are flanged with. We have lots of millionaires here as they claim, who have been on the system for up to 3 months now. This is another plot to make you believe that there is a treasure in this system and yet there isn’t.  The reality of the matter here is that has been online for about a month from May 2016. Does it seem uncertain how these millionaires came to be even before the system’s onset online?

alert1 Scam services be to aware of: See Blacklisted Services

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The other food for thought is concerning live updates. Somewhere in the video presentation it is stated that there are only ‘8 spots remaining’. To be precise, is this meant to be pre recorded or live updates? There is no point of making users believe that the offer is valid for only 24 hours and could probably be gone by tomorrow and yet continues to be in operation each day after the other. This is a simple plot to make everyone get to sign up for an account. The CEO further states that whoever joins is a winner. As a matter of fact, how can ten people join today and then they all win within the next 24 hours. When the deal is too good, think twice.

Auto trading is one other point with the GPS Trader. By now, most of us understand that trading binary options would engage the outcomes of either a yes or a no market proposition within a given moment. If GPS Trader account is supposed to be set to auto trade then how is the profit or loss going to depend on the yes or no proposition?

GPS Trader CEO also comments that it is not possible to lose with this trading system. This is kind of tricky as far as binary option is concerned. The market proposition ought to determine whether someone losses or gains. In fact, is it the team doing everything for you or this is a matter of gauze and win or loss.

cross-75x75   Fake
cross-75x75   Get rich quick scheme
cross-75x75   Fake testimonials
cross-75x75   No proof of profits
cross-75x75   High chance of scam

Reasons not to invest

Up to this point, I believe that the observations have portrayed some pictures in your mind. There is no way a system is going to make you lots of cash without your effort. As a matter of fact, this is not how binary options work. I believe you can make lots of cash anyway but you also have to know how to trade. True binary option traders would engage you more concerning how to operate. Most of them even go ahead to provide the right tools to make it work for you.

Binary Options Tested is a safe website in which I have strong security by using firewall and IP protection to keep it safe from website attacks. I also have SSL security in place for encryption to make everything you see on my website safe and secure so you are sure  everything is authentic here. Telegram Crypto+Forex Signal Service

Realistic profits ought to be your concern the next time you decide to sign up for these trading. There is no point of luring traders with a free system, knowing pretty well that great things do not come freely. GPS Trader claims to be offering free joins meanwhile there are some charges waiting for you to dish out. You should at least be required to make some minimal deposit before verifying your account after a sign up. I believe this is the way to go with binary option trading because you actually need to deposit cash to be able to carry on the process.


As a result of GPS Trader get rich quick presentation, we could say that it is a get rich quick racket that leaves everyone wondering whether it is genuine or not. There are as well misleading facts about binary option trading which leaves us puzzled as to whether they know what they are trying to communicate to traders or not. Therefore before getting into such trades like GPS Trader, it is a wise idea to do background checks first.

Verdict: GPS Trader Not recommended

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TR Binary Options Review

Trade Rush Binary Options

It has always been assumed that binary options trading is best only on most famous trading platforms. However the fact of the matter is that with TR Binary Options also known as Trade Rush Binary Options you could be trading like a pro with latest technology. This is because TR Binary Options is regarded as the one of the most professional binary trading platform these days. Since its foundation in the year 2011, their system has continued to bring on a cosmic reputation in terms of provision of top notch services as well as competitive returns to those who trade on it.

Info check:
Official website
Regulation Unregulated
Start trading $200
Available Worldwide
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Features of TR Binary Options

It would be worthwhile to bring to light why TR Binary Options is a no miss trading platform to all those who needs only the best.

Those who have had a chance to trade with TR Binary Options can attest that it is simple and fast. This is in respect to the variety of binary trading options available as currencies, commodities, stocks and indicies. Another added advantage is the wide selection tools and features which it’s traders can attain. One major noticeable aspect is the capability to trade in pairs(place two positions at a time) which then results to fast paced

The other called for benefit of TR Binary options is the allocation of above 150 assets to trade together with numerous profitable returns. The way this binary option operates is what encourages traders to opt for it. Being that each trade is accorded individual account managers and market analysts makes it easy for traders to keep going.

TR Binary Options

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Educational Center


This is one other means that is bringing great impact onto both new and experienced traders. With a simple sign up you are automatically given an interactive binary option eBook which provides just the precise information that a trader needs.

The kinds of information that can be garnered from the eBook comprise of stock markets, trading and ways to enable success as you trade. In fact the education academy is divided into many subjects which helps to mould a trader onto being a real expert.

These trades do not require one to be a pro however, some knowledge is needed from time to time. It is better to dig deeper and learn what you don’t know about markets. The tools which can be utilized from their academy are glossary of terminology to let you get acquainted with the terms of binary option trading.  This eBook also comprises of psychological traits of adequate traders to make you a pro within the shortest time possible.

It is always said that we learn best by observation. This is probably the most interactive form of teaching the young children both at home and at preschool. If you are a beginner in binary option trading then just know that you are given a comparison to a child who is just on the onset of learning to do something.


It is for such concern that TR Binary option gives its traders an option to learn by seeing. Resources which comprise of beginner video courses have proved to be a real asset to its traders. One finds it easy to learn a lot on trading techniques and the like.

Live webinars

The live webinar session is actually the bomb specifically to the beginners because this platform has acted as a real tutorial ground. It gives an easy way of asking for clarifications directly with prompt answers just awaiting to satisfy your thirsty egos.

On top of these, TR Binary option makes it a point to keep investors updated on the latest trend of economic happenings. This is viably enabled via the weekly or daily market review platform where both the beginners, advanced traders and the administrators interact for a better trade.

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When it comes to making it right with TR Binary Options, you got to choose and focus on one strategy that you understand or want to progress in. There are many instruments offered on TR Binary Option platform and all these require different steps because they work differently.

Binary Options instrument. This is mostly suited to the beginners though it can also be a good leeway to the experienced traders. This type has its main focus on monitoring, elevating, declining and level trend line of traded assets. In a scenario where there is a flat trend line, it is normally predicted that the asset price will rise hence the ‘No’ Touch is desired otherwise the ‘Call’ option is the in thing for a rising trend line and ‘Put’ option for a decline in the price of asset.

Pair instrument strategy. In a situation where the asset price is bound to either rise or fall intensely in the inverse direction then this strategy is more suitable. ‘Call’ option is highly recommended in a case when the value goes up, otherwise select the ‘Put’ if a drop is contemplated.

One Touch instrument Strategy. This strategy is indeed powerful and highly preferred option among those who are pro traders. Its major concern is generally to lower risk factors as far as trading is concerned. The better part is that it is a supper trend for increasing successful outcomes into profits.

This rather works differently as compared to the first two options. It goes by placing both ‘Call’ and ‘Put’ options concurrently on one underlying asset.

Ladder instrument strategy. The best time to apply this strategy is during market volatility and probably prior to predictions of analysts. In this strategy, ‘Put’ is utilized when the asset value is increasing though indicates a sign of dropping soon. With a set decline, the ‘Call’ option then ought to be placed on it with a hope of increasing.

Other strategies include the ’60 Second instrument’, the ‘Forex instrument’ and the iFollow instrument’.


TR Binary Options are fairly new platform who has progressed quite quickly over the years. They have ambitious plans to expand and improve their systems.


Verdict: Trade Rush  take caution


All of BOT's recommended service is backed up by Binary Option Tested's 100% satisfaction guaranteed seal. Which means if you are not fully satisfied with our recommended service then please contact us and we will help you out. In addition we provide everyone with our full help support through email absolutely free.

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Options Trading in Oil as prices go up in 2016

Just recently the prices of crude oil jumped by 4.5 percent and are predicted to rise even more, therefore people participating in any kind of options trading in terms of oil have seen their profits growing drastically. The prices sky-rocketed up to $42.17 per barrel when a Russian news agency reported that Russia and Saudi Arabia were working together to freeze oil output which may put a squeeze onto U.S oil and traders who have invested or engaged in binary trading with U.S oil companies. However, even though the rumors seem to be more than true, the Russian government and Qatar, the current chair of OPEC, refused to make any comments regarding the issue.

This news comes shortly before countries will meeting to discuss the oil issue and binary traders, options traders and any other investors are hoping that the OPEC and non-OPEC countries can come to a consensus in terms of controlling the global oil supply. This spike in oil prices follows a 2 year drop in oil prices, due to the fact that the world, and moreover the OPEC countries, have been producing more oil than the world can consume. A reason for this high output of oil over the past fewoil-prices years has been because of Saudi Arabia and other OPEC countries looking to squeeze out the U.S in order to control as much of the market as possible, this may spell disaster for some U.S oil companies and the people trading in binary options who have invested money in U.S oil.

Start trading in oil with the recommended trading platforms. See our reviews to select a service to start trading in oil.

This steady decline in oil prices, the lowest since 2003, has caused OPEC countries to reduce public spending and increase taxes in order to try and deal with these extremely low oil prices and the ensuing loss of oil revenue. Several other oil producing countries are suffering greatly as well. Option trading continued to make profits as the oil prices went down. For example, Angola is Africa’s third largest economy and even they had to turn to the IMF for a bailout because their oil revenues have declined so greatly. In Angola oil accounts for roughly 75 percent of government income and for 95 percent of export revenues, therefore the drop has severely affected their ability to provide public services and have had to drastically slash budgets.

Other economies, such as those of Venezuela, Russia, and Nigeria have also fallen into a recession to to these record low oil prices that have plagued the world market. The agreement which Russia and Saudi Arabia are seeking to come to should do some good in reducing the extremely low oil prices, however even the experts say that it may not be enough to reverse the damage that has been done so far. Both Russia and Saudi Arabia are planning to hold their oil productions at the level at which they were producing in January. The problem is that many other countries are skeptical of this because the deal has too many conditions that will be hard for the world and for the countries in question to accept. Iran has actually gone so far as to call the deal a complete joke, and has actually said that they are looking to boost oil production even more. What this news will spell for the world economy in the coming weeks is still unclear. A close attention is being paid to watch the movement in oil prices to start cashing in the binary trading profits.

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Robot Trading

Robot trading is referred to an Automated Trading Software(Auto Trader for short) which allows you to trade automatically in the Binary Options Market. Robots are well-known for their quick market trend analysis and ability to trade on the perfect moment with a high chance of making a profit.

Many robots are available today with many unique features but not all of them are legit. In this article we will take a short comparison review between some good robots and bad robots available on the market. This is good to learn what they offer and what they can accomplish for you.

What makes a good Auto Trader Robot

There are 6 known indicators upon which a auto trader robot is based upon. There could be more based on which one you choose and what combination are at work. The six known parameters are–

  1. Trend Indicator – Determines market trend and takes the decision to put or call. The trade is placed directly with compatible broker on your behalf so you don’t have lift a finger.
  2. RSI(Relative Strength Index) Indicator – When price is high majority will sell and when the price goes low people will buy, following other people’s system is usually profitable.
  3. Williams Indicator – Simplified version on RSI indicator where it grabs extreme over or undersold areas and attacks them in short positions.
  4. MACD(Moving Average Convergence Divergence) Indicator – Compliment to the Trend Indicator, which measures between 2 moving averages and plots against history to make a forecast.
  5. STOCH(Stochastic Oscillator) Indicator – It follows both speed and momentum of the market condition and determines trades.
  6. CCI(Commodity Channel Index) Indicator – It bases everything off a given average over a length of time and uses that average to determine trends.


Legit and Trusted Robots:

These are only handful of robots which we at binary options tested are aware of which are legit and trust worthy due to their past performance and period of existence.

Binary Options Robot: 

This robot uses signals from a highly sophisticated algorithm and real signal providers. It compares past trading data with the present data in order to predict the market change. For a any person it is impossible to be comparing the past data and make trading decisions non-stop based on previous trend.

Binary Options Robot comes comes with many unique features which makes it one of the best robots available right now. The features offered by Binary Options Robot are –

Full Automatated Trading System: This robot provides 100% automated trading so you can sit back and relax. All you have to do is start this robot and after that you can just forget about it and the robot will do the magic to turn your money into profits.

Wide Option of Supported Brokers: The robot is compatible with 12 different brokers. Other legit robots usually support 1 or 2 maximum brokers on an average but only Binary Option Robot gives you the freedom to choose the broker you want. You can even run multiple brokers changing one after the other if you like. Complete list of compatible brokers with this robot are –

Fully web-based: This robot is completely web based which means you do not have to worry about downloading any software in order to use this robot. Their website is mobile ready which means you can use it anywhere anytime to match your needs.

Full FREE Robot: This robot comes without any price tag. There is no hidden charge as well. Some of the auto traders deduct a percentage from your winnings but this robot doesn’t have any running costs. They will charge the broker which you decide to trade with and in return you get to use the robot for free.

Approved by BOT: This robot is approved by Binary options Tested. We have done demo test on it.


alert1 Scam services be to aware of: See Blacklisted Services

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Option Robot:

This robot generates trading signals and execute trades automatically to your linked broker account. The is different to the above robot as his robot needs you to stay on to their website as long as you wish it to execute the trades on your behalf. We think its’s a good option as well so that you can watch and learn. The features they currently offer:

3 Different Trade Systems: You can customize your robot in 3 different ways based on your preferable trading method.

  • Classic System – It is considered as the safest and secured system, recommended for the new users.
  • Martingale System – This system allows the user to gain faster profit in a quicker time but at higher risk.
  • Fibonacci System – This system is most accurate because the trade size will change depending on your will or lose sequence.

Supports Demo Account: This robot can be used in demo mode which operates in the same way as a real account without having really placing the trades on the market. You can test mode to train yourself and practice without costing any money. You could do that with any system though contact and we will tell you how. and take this opportunity to make yourself more familiar with the binary options market.


Binary Options Tested is a safe website in which I have strong security by using firewall and IP protection to keep it safe from website attacks. I also have SSL security in place for encryption to make everything you see on my website safe and secure so you are sure  everything is authentic here. Telegram Crypto+Forex Signal Service

Fake/Non-functional Robots:


This robot offers to reveal 3.2 million dollar JPY loophole, which is unreal. It features a video with a guy talking about how he will make you rich. Its a typical scammer’s way of leading you in. Let’s reveal why you should not trust this robot –

  • Cheap video filled with lies – The video featured on their website shows nothing but some texts on the screen and a voice narrates about some made up stories to make you rich. No person is shown in the video and no real information is provided. It is full of garbage to tempt ordinary people with a ridiculous amount of money without any proof.
  • Bad Website – Their website is not really a website but just a page. All you can do is watch the video and a box form to enter your details. There is a login section which doesn’t even work. This questions whether there is even a robot software at all.
  • No Information Given – The robot creator only tells us that his name is Hiro Katsumi. There is no other information about him or the robot which confirms our theory.
  • See TokyoBot’s full review
  • Website

Make Money Robot:

Another fake non-working robot which promises you to make 1586$ each day just by using it. They also claim that their robot is usable by any unskilled computer user and takes only minute to make all the money. Let’s talk about their flaws and cheap tricks of this worthless robot –

  • Limited User Policy – Like other scamming robots and brokers they show fake information to attract users. It says only 350 licenses available each day so you should sign up now. Every fake robot does the same to get your attention where a real robot will never put this kind of limitations to their users.
  • Fake Special Access – Whenever you visit their website it will say you have only one day left to access. It makes you think that this robot is exclusive but in reality they show it every time you visit the website. It is nothing but a cheap trick to draw people’s attention.
  • Fake SSL Security Sticker – It also shows a SSL Secured Signup sticker which is completely fake and used to make it look like a real and legit website with a working robot.
  • website:

More Fake Robots. The list goes on and on..

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Regulated Brokers vs unregulated Brokers

Regulated brokers vs unregulated brokers for Options Trading

In Binary Options trading, it is not uncommon for investors to deal with either regulated or non-regulated Options brokers. Experienced and new traders for the most part, rely on regulated brokers to conduct the trade for them. But there are also options traders who employ the services of unregulated brokers.

Being a regulated broker is not the same as being given a license to operate in the country they do business in. What it simply means is that a regulated broker is given a license by a financial regulatory body, see list of finanacial regulators by country, which sets rules defined by the government of that country where options trading is conducted. The same financial regulatory body who gave them the license also supervises their trading activities.

Meanwhile, the unregulated brokers conduct their business independent from these regulatory bodies. Understanding the benefits of doing business for each of these types of brokers can help the investors carefully select the brokers that will help them make healthy profits.

Benefits of trading with regulated brokers

To protect yourself from possible legal oversight dealing with regulations on options trading, the regulated brokers are your best bet. Because they are subject to following the rules of the regulating body, the trades they conduct for you are done with a high level of transparency. Since there are hundreds of options brokers out there who can turn out to be fraud/scam brokers, see complete blacklisted brokers, dealing with regulated brokers will help you keep safe from scammers.

Regulated brokers will not manipulate market prices. Further, when you send in withdrawal request, this will be honored. With regulated brokers, you investment is more secured.  If they violate the rules set by the regulating body, their regulated status can be stripped off sending shockwaves of their reputation being put at risk.

Trading with regulated brokers can protect your investment in case that the firm you deal with suffer financial blow. This is because some regulatory bodies require them to pay consumer compensation funds. These funds are intended for investors to recover at least some of their investments based on some regulatory guidelines. Here’s BOT’s Top Trusted Regulated Broker.

alert1 Scam services be to aware of: See Blacklisted Services

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Benefits of trading with unregulated brokers

Although these brokers are not supervised by regulatory bodies, there are a good number of options traders who choose to conduct business with them. One of the biggest reason for doing so is that these brokers can trade for you in any country you want. In Europe for example, because of some regulatory rules that regulated brokers would rather stay safe from, some regulated brokers wouldn’t accept USA customers. This setback can effectively cut your chances of making winning trades outside your own country.

Another big benefit of choosing unregulated brokers is that they can trade for you on Binary Options trading platforms that are not regulated by financial regulatory authorities.  This comes with higher risks but the profits can be higher.

Unregulated brokers can run their business with considerably lower operating cost than their regulated counterparts. This is because they do not have to pay for the regulation or license fees that can be costly. Because of this, these brokers often charge lesser than what regulated brokers do. The cost savings are pass to you as a trader which means better ROI(return on investment). Here’s BOT’s Top Trusted Unregulated Broker.

The downside of unregulated brokers

Because unregulated brokers are not supervised by any financial regulating bodies, they can conduct business that may have legal implications. Also, some of them are known to manipulate the market to increase their winning trades. This is a potential risk on your part especially when the trade happens in countries with strict laws on market manipulation. Also, these brokers do not allow you to withdraw funds or at least make it very difficult. Usually a bonus is a trap to block withdrawals. Read BOT’s guidelines on bonuses.

If you are from the US, although you can register at any binary options broker, unregulated binary options brokers are prevented by US laws to pro-actively offer their services to you. This can potentially limit your ability to find good unregulated brokers.

Binary Options Tested is a safe website in which I have strong security by using firewall and IP protection to keep it safe from website attacks. I also have SSL security in place for encryption to make everything you see on my website safe and secure so you are sure  everything is authentic here. Telegram Crypto+Forex Signal Service

Other considerations when looking for binary options brokers

Look for trader reviews about the broker you are considering. Binary Options Tested provide a lot of guidance and reviews and comments from actual investors to give their reviews based on their real experience with the brokers.  When you find that a lot of users have rated a particular broker as no good that should be a strong signal for you to walk away from that broker. If a broker is given consistent good reviews, that should give you a signal of positiveness.

Also, go for brokers who can give you flexible deposits and withdrawal terms. Look at their currency and deposit methods. Also, you would like to protect your investment by getting a broker who will give you as much flexibility in getting your deposit back when you need to. Most regulated brokers can do this for you but only a few unregulated ones can do so.

Consider also the firm’s responsiveness. You would want to have someone who can answer your questions, listen to your suggestions, and deal with your complaints. Consider a firm whose service is multichannel, the one whom you can contact either through email, phone, web chat, and perhaps even social media for longer hours.

In Summary

You may have heard that for a brokerage firms to be trustworthy they have to be regulated. For the most part, that could be true. But it’s also true that there are unregulated brokers who hold their business standards to a higher level of integrity and even operate better than regulated ones. They key message is finding the right broker and not just hedge your bet with regulated one because at the end of the day that license is no damn good if you are getting bad service. There are many aspects which regulation doesn’t cover and it’s left at firm’s discretion.

Vet the brokerage firms carefully as such as, a legal oversight can lead you to being played by scammers. Find brokers who can work with you according to your comfort level. Consider their pros and cons. Find someone who can meet your needs. At the end of the day, it your investment that your putting on the table. Contact us on email below or use the form if you need further help.

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Robot Trading vs Manual Trading

Day by day binary options trading is becoming more popular to the investors and traders alike. When it comes to binary trading there are two options, trade using a robot which is also known as the Auto Trading and other one is the Manual Trading. Many questions arise about which one you should go for. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each? If you want to compare them, which facts should you consider? Find all about robot trading and auto trading in this traders report.

Robot Trading aka Auto Trading:

When a trader invests and lets a robot do the work for him/her it is called as robot trading or auto trading. The robot is an intelligent software which is responsible for calculating the trends in split seconds of time and place the investment on a calculated moment of opportunity. If you use a robot you only have to invest and then let the robot handle rest of the transactions.

Advantages of Robot Trading:

No Experience Needed:
The best advantage of using a robot is that you don’t need any experience in binary options trading before starting your first investment. All you have to do is invest money on a safe and reputed robot and a broker. While other traders are busy devising strategies and analyzing markets, you don’t have to worry about doing any

Robot Trading vs Manual Trading
Which is better?

of the ground works. It will save lots of time and also save you the trouble to learn about the specifics trends if you are an occasional trader.

Minimized Risk:
With a robot you can stay risk free and invest without any worries. The robot will constantly analyze the trends and calculate the risk before trading. The robot will not trade on an unstable market no matter what happens. It will only invest your hard working money when there is a good chance of receiving profit. Of course these variables all depend on the robot’s algorithms set by the Auto Trading Software in question.

Never Miss the Perfect Moment:
It is not possible for any single person to look at trends all day long. You have got to eat, sleep, go outside and most importantly spend time with your family and friends. But markets never rests and you can miss some great opportunities if you are not around to make that profiting investment. But a a robot trading software can constantly check market for the perfect moment to strike so you will not miss a great chance to turn your money into a safe and huge profits.

No Emotions:
When it comes to robot trading no emotions are attached while trading. Sometime emotions drives you to become fearless and trade emotionally which can put you at a loss. A robot trading software will never trade with emotions because it does not have any and only put a trade when it has a great chance to return with a profit.

Less Pressure on Your Mind:
If you trade using a robot there is no reason to be stressed about your trades. The robot is handling every trade on behalf of you with a good chance to score the profit. It enables you to keep a fresh mind when other traders are going crazy to get an idea on current market tendency.

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Disadvantages of Robot Trading:

Can be a Loss Project:
If you are thinking about robot trading you must dig deep before choosing the right robot. There are lots of robot which do not work as they promise to. The program behind the robot might me faulty which may lead it not to locate market trends properly and putting trade where there is no chance for gaining a profit. You must choose a safe and reputed robot which has good reviews on it. Here is list of Binary Options Tested’s approved auto trading softwares.

Does not depend on News:
The robots are unable to know about the news related to exchange. A lot of the time news play a vital role in binary option trading. By listening to the current news events you can get an idea about market trends. But the robot trades on its own regardless what the news say which can increase of losing a trade.

Room for error:
Even though the robots are well known for their calculated risk before trading and power for analyzing market trends can still sometimes fail due to over optimization. So it may not guarantee you a profit every time.

Manual Trading:

Manual trading means that you are responsible for researching the market trend on your own and decide when to trade based on your own judgement. You have to work hard for manual trading but the outcome in return is very good.

Advantages of Manual Trading:

Experience is Key:
The more experience you have on binary options trading the more profit you can make using the manual trading. If you study trends for a really long time you will be able to make better decisions day by day. Once you get familiar with trading trends it should not be a problem for you to understand the best chance to make a great profit. For the experienced it is really easy to calculate the risk by themselves and get huge returns by making small investment.

Thinking outside the Box:
A human mind can often do such things which the robots are unable to do.(at least for now) A human instinct can be a huge plus for traders which the robots don’t have. Sometimes listening to your mind can bring you a large profit. Robots are bound to trade on a specific point only but with your mind you can go beyond that limit and be rewarded with gaining a profit.

Understanding the Psychology:
In manual trading you get the chance to read other traders’ minds. You can trade based on other traders’ psychology and understand the possible upcoming trends in market. It can save you from losing your money and also can reward you with a nice profit.

Binary Options Tested is a safe website in which I have strong security by using firewall and IP protection to keep it safe from website attacks. I also have SSL security in place for encryption to make everything you see on my website safe and secure so you are sure  everything is authentic here. Telegram Crypto+Forex Signal Service

Disadvantages of Manual Trading:

Can backfire easily:
The manual trading can backfire in really short time. If you fail to calculate the risk properly or cannot study the trends precisely you can lose on your positions quickly. It is destructive for you unless you are focused on the market and making a flawless strategy to trade at the perfect moment. Even simple mistakes can embark on a losing streak.

Not helpful for new traders:
It’s harder for new traders to do manual trading because it takes years for people to understand the market properly. Without experience you cannot expect to gain any profit on binary options trading using the manual trading method.

Emotions may ruin your investment:
Sometimes your emotion can be harmful for your trades. Emotions can force you to make wrong calculations. It can make you trade at wrong time. After a previous tiring or losing day it can affect your thinking for your next trading sessions. Trading emotionally can cause you to lose.

Robot trading vs Auto trading conclusion:

Overall both robot trading and manual trading can gain you profits. Both of them are good in their unique ways. But you must be really careful before making the choice on which road you want to walk on. In my opinion robot trading is safer for the new traders at a shorter time and manual trading is more profitable for the experienced traders over a long time. New and experienced traders can do hybrid trading which combines both elements.

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Is your investment safe with Banc De Binary?

In the world of binary options there are dreamers, losers & scammers. The dreamers who wish to make bit of side income in the dangerously high risk area of binary options. The obstacles are huge and profits even higher. The winners who risk it all for the chance to win sometimes end up getting hurt.

Banc de Binary Review

Banc de Binary is a leading investment firm and a world renowned hub when it comes to binary options trading. The company was founded in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis to manage the risks with maximizing profits in a secured way for the investors. Even after a significant increment in number of clients, the company claims to have kept it’s same core values which they are committed to provide safe trading experience with simple and user-friendly environment. Is Banc De Binary legit and trustworthy? Is your investment safe with Banc de Binary? Where is the money? Where are the profits? How can you secure yourself? In this report I scrutinize big name like Banc De Binary to determine if you money is safe with them?banc de binary

Large client base:

Banc de Binary’s profitable trading system has managed to attract over 240,000 traders(mostly retail investors like yourself) to open account with them. It has investors from more than 75 different countries. When it comes to safety you can always be assured by the real number of people who have their money invested with them. Trusted by such a large number of people there is added comfort to it’s credibility. Those who are making profits are quite happy with their investments choice. I suppose losing on a trade is a different thing than losing on a scam broker! With Banc De Binary you can say stay secured without the fear of losing your investment.

Fact check:
Official webstie
Regulation Banc De Binary (Cyprus) Ltd regulated by CySEC license no. 188/13
Office Kanika International Business Centre
office 401, Profiti Ilias 4,
Germasogeia 4046, Limassol,
Phone +44-20-7099-2097 (5am – 9pm GMT)

watch video

Multiple awards winner:

Banc de Binary has managed to achieve 13 different awards since its inception. From excellence in trading to customer service, they have received awards on many aspects of their business. To be specific they won the Best Customer Services awards in 2011 and 2012, Excellence award in Binary Option Trading in 2013 to 2015, FBA’s – Best broker 2015 and so on. When a financial organization successfully achieves so many awards, then of course it looks different than the rest. Winning the Excellence in Binary Option Trading for straight three consecutive years is not an easy thing to do.

All readers are informed to be skeptical of fake/scam binary trading brokers. Be safe & stay away from such websites. Always opt for a legitimate & regulated website to help you make money online with Binary Options/Forex. There are different regulators which monitor financial services products within their country for example CFTC in America, FCA in UK, ASIC in Australia. See our list of all financial services regulators by country.

Information security:

Banc De Binary is very careful about the financial security for its clients. It uses EV SSL with 256-bit encryption which makes your transactions safe and trustworthy. You might wonder what EV SSL and 256-bit encryption means. I don’t want to bore you by going to the specifics about how their encryption system works, but just to assure you and your investment’s safety I am telling you this much that the Bank of America and PayPal both use same EV SSL security for their financial security.


Secure transactions:

It has a partnership with MaxMind which ensures that every transaction and deposit which takes place on their website are totally legitimate and safe. Just for those who are wondering what MaxMind is and what it has to do with Banc De Binary, it is a leading provider of IP intelligence and online fraud prevention tool which monitors every transaction on Banc De Binary and holds risky orders for further review. It means there is no room for fraud transactions here.

alert1 Scam services be to aware of: See Blacklisted Services

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AML(Anti-Money Laundering) Policy:

Banc de Binary does not support any kind of money laundering or financial terrorist groups. They stand on a strong ground against the money launderers and financial fraud groups. It specifically follows the United Kingdom’s Joint Money Laundering Steering Group which fights against money laundering and terrorist financing. Money laundering is easy but tricky in binary trading options because it is an anonymous trading system and the trader’s identity is protected in the system. It is possible for scam binary trading brokers out there to engage in money laundering activities for sake of profiting. However Banc de Binary has strict policy against money laundering so you can be assured that your money are safe from government crackdowns. BDB(Banc de Binary) is determined on running a clean honest business.

Binary Options Tested is a safe website in which I have strong security by using firewall and IP protection to keep it safe from website attacks. I also have SSL security in place for encryption to make everything you see on my website safe and secure so you are sure  everything is authentic here. Telegram Crypto+Forex Signal Service

Banc de Binary features:

checkmark2   Regulated broker
checkmark2   Live chat the actually works
checkmark2   Trade currencies, commodities, indices, stocks
checkmark2   High security
checkmark2   Excellent customer service

Additional security:

Banc De Binary is not only interested in the number of their clients rather it focuses on getting valid clients. Every client have to provide valid photo ID, utility bill or bank statement, copy of a credit card(number can be masked). It only registers legit investors in their system. It also checks the client’s name in the list of known or suspected terrorists to make sure they are not on any black list. Moreover it does not accept cash, money order or third party transaction which shows that they are not just interested in your money. Other untrustworthy brokers accept many different payment methods because all they care about is how to take your money away from you. Your investment would never be anywhere near to danger when you are investing on a safe and secured organization like this one.


If you are reading this article then you might probably know some basic differences between a safe and a scamming binary trading options broker. The scammer or untrustworthy binary trading brokers don’t show much details about how their system work. They are not transparent and you would be putting your money in darkness. It may be that they don’t have anything to show and how their system works because they actually don’t have a system. A legit and trustworthy binary trading broker won’t be afraid to provide an in depth analysis about their market strategy and the statistics behind their success. Banc de Binary have a working system which constantly monitors the market and identify the pattern to suggest future trade activities. Their official website provides crystal clear technical analysis on their binary option trading system. They believe in transparency that’s why they publish their market strategy with everyone so that their investors know how their money is safe and sound.

Verdict: BANC DE BINARY is Approved

Banc de Binary  <–Office Link satisfaction-guarantee

All of BOT's recommended service is backed up by Binary Option Tested's 100% satisfaction guaranteed seal. Which means if you are not fully satisfied with our recommended service then please contact us and we will help you out. In addition we provide everyone with our full help support through email absolutely free.

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Safe Income – Auto Trader Review

Safe Income is a binary options system by Albert J. Henderson. Binary Options Tested goes in to find out whether this new software is as honest as it sounds. I will open account with them and show you what it’s all about.

Details about Safe Income

Safe Income is binary options trading platform which automates the process of finding suitable trades and places positions on behalf of account holder. The platform gives the user ability to earn up to 95% profits (there is 5% commission on all profits). The system is pretty easy to understand and use. The online trading system is simple to get registered with make your deposit(to trade) and see whether you make or lose any money depending on what strategy you apply. In most cases knowledge of stock market are also helpful otherwise you are just throwing darts in the dark. However it comes with a built in auto trading option which can select and place trade automatically which is actually what makes this software pretty handy.
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Watch the Video

In case you decide to go ahead with this use the bottom instructions to sign up and share your experience with us. For alternative money making binary options out there check out my Binary Options Tested best brokers list.

Safe Income binary options platform offers:

checkmark2   $40 starting balance added upon registration
checkmark2   Good walk through of system
checkmark2   Auto trade available
checkmark2   30 day free trail
cross-75x75   Higher than usual fee on profits of 5%

binary-options- safe-income-software

Should I sign up with Safe Income

In my opinion Safe Income is best system. It doesn’t bolster with fake testimonials nor promises crazy get rich quick scheme. I was pleased with neatness of the dashboard and walkthrough was refreshing. I say give it a go. Don’t be fooled by the $40 starting balance you will still need to put in your own money which is 250$ USD account opening fee to actually benefit from it.

Safe Income logo

Verdict: Safe Income is Approved

Safe Income <– Official Link


All of BOT's recommended service is backed up by Binary Option Tested's 100% satisfaction guaranteed seal. Which means if you are not fully satisfied with our recommended service then please contact us and we will help you out. In addition we provide everyone with our full help support through email absolutely free.

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