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What is “Tokyo BOT“? Please read this review in full to save you from being disappointed. The online trading world is big gamble as to what is real and what’s not. Start from basics well before you even think about earning anything online. Could this be real trading opportunity? Who Hiro Katsumi? Read my detailed review in full to find out. Lets get started!

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Software experts and experienced stock traders alike are all warning against a new scam called Tokyo Bot, an automated stock trading system advertised as a tool that can make traders millions.

Hiro Katsum, not a real person!, the so called creator of the software scam, released a sales video on his website in which he describes his work in the Tokyo Stock Exchange. He drew inspiration, he says, from the observation that Japanese Stock Traders are better traders because they aren’t overcome by their emotions as western traders are. He developed the Tokyo Bot to predict and trade based on algorithms created from market research.

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However, keeping a cool head isn’t necessarily the most desirable trait to have if you want to be a good trader. Stock trading is actually far too complicated a process to be computerized. Part of any healthy capitalist market is constant change, and a good trader needs to know how to read the market while keeping up with the changes that happen. Unless the bot conducts its own marketing research (and it could never conduct research the way a human could: by gathering a sample of numbers and reviews), it has no way to keep up with changes in the market itself. The stock trading industry is not predictable, and risk management factors are constantly changing. One also cannot use a computer program to account for the personalities of the traders themselves and how they will all work together.

Hiro Katsumi’s real picture as we understand

I have been scammed by these such websites myself many times and that is the reason I’ve started to bring awareness and blacklist them all. See the Mega BlackList list that I’m compiling, its getting longer everyday. I test, test and test! It is important to review something if you are going to invest in anything.

Yet, Hiro Katsumi claims on his website to have made over 3 million dollars since 2009 from using the Tokyo Bot. He says he makes a six-figure income(lies) every month because of it. According to the review of the video on the Tokyo Bot official website, the program made a profit of $805 in its first 24 minutes of use. The video also states, over and over again, that using the program to find profitable trades is the best way to trade because it uses “cold, hard numbers” instead of emotion. This seems to be the most repeated selling point.

The badly created one paged website’s video clip tells viewers to make $2,589 is not possible without risking a lot of money on the line to lose it in the first place. It is not advised to “bet” your savings in such online gambles in which there is simply no recourse in case the website disappears or broker packs. Most of the brokers in binary options are unregulated hence there is ever higher risk of being scammed. The video does not explain anything else about what the program does or what the algorithms are actually made from, and even goes as far as to suggest that any person, even someone who knows nothing about trading stocks, can make profit by using this program and following its instructions. The software is offered as “free” but gains access to your accounts once you deposit the mandatory $250 into the system to start “trading.”

All readers are informed to be sceptical of offers like the Tokyo Bot which promise get rich quick schemes. They may also offer bonus or cash money. These fake scam websites will promise you dreams like buying your own house soon, pay college fees for your children, quit your day job etc. I plead everyone to stay away from such websites and not become victim to this and end up paying them to make you rich this way. Binary Options is a method to make money online however it requires years of practice, market knowledge and experience before you can start making money this way.

Why its bad
Any investor who knew even a little about trading would be suspicious of these statements, and would require some kind of verifiable proof that they are true, but the website offers nothing of the sort. There aren’t any verifiable graphs or records charting anything that could have happened when Hiro Katsumi used the program, and there aren’t any testimonials from any of the “other people” mentioned in the video who had successfully profited from the program as well. The voice in the video sounds more of a Western Accent than someone really from Japan which leads to question this program’s legitimacy. Thus, this  scam review is targeted towards individuals who know little about stock trading and are likely to be convinced they can make money this way, without knowledge and experience in trading.

There are other better binary options trading services available but many of signal services coming out these days are useless. Among the many auto trading software services available I would caution against signing up with an untrusted service. There are few good regulated binary option services which you can sign up for. I have to put this service on my blacklisted trading services. Feel free to email/fb me or comment in form below for more details about this service.

Tokyo Bot features:

cross-75x75   Unregulated
cross-75x75   Unconviencing video
cross-75x75   Unreal get rich soon promises
cross-75x75   High risk to scam
cross-75x75   No proof of earnings
cross-75x75   Non working website

Again, the advertisement for this scam works by trying to convince the viewer of the video that stock traders make bad decisions because they are ruled by their emotions, so that a computer program can actually make more than even the best stock traders by relying only on numbers and formulas. The truth, however, is that good stock traders already do this as much as they possibly can when they’re actually trading. There are already other programs that do things like this for traders, such as crunch numbers and generate predictions. However, the programs also leave the more complicated decisions needing human attention up to the traders themselves. Tokyo Bot is not a good tool to be used for trading stocks. Traders are not recommending that anyone use this program to sell and trade stocks for them.

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What are other ways to make sure you can avoid internet scams like these? One way is to be sure you research & review everything you consider buying on the internet and the companies that are selling. It isn’t extremely hard, these days, to type a company’s name into a web search engine and get information about them and their customers or clientèle. Always be suspicious of offers sent to you in unsolicited emails or by people you don’t remember giving your contact information to. If you’re ever putting in payment information on a website and the web address starts with http instead of https, it’s possible your information isn’t secure. Also, there are websites like that allow you to gather information about the domain owners of websites you’re suspicious of.

Binary Options Tested is a safe website in which I have strong security by using firewall and IP protection to keep it safe from website attacks. I also have SSL security in place for encryption to make everything you see on my website safe and secure so you can be sure everything is authentic here.

Like most things that sound too good to be true, so is the Tokyo Bot. There’s no way to look into anything further than the sales video on the website, and people interested in finding out more only have the option of giving their personal email address. Actual testimonials from people stated that after giving their email information, they received a lot of unsolicited emails. People who went further into the process and actually downloaded the software all reported making a little bit of profit after the first few trades and then losing all of it over the course of the next few trades. In other words, actual reports from users of the program showed that the program doesn’t work, and that Hiro Katsumi is lying about his product.

Sarah’s Conclusion:
The fact that a website only gives out needed information after receiving personal contact information from you should always alert you to the fact that something odd is afoot and that you could be walking into a scam. Reading reviews is of key importance for staying safe on the internet and keeping your financial information and money secure is as important now as it ever has been, and it only requires following a few simple rules like these. Stay safe and visit my recommended services list to find best working auto trader or broker.


Verdict: Tokyo BOT is an Exotic SCAM!!

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