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16 thoughts on “Share your experience”

  1. Keith,
    I have been following binary options for several months and have figured out the good systems and brokers from the scams..Your reviews were the same as my studies (legit/scam)..It’s refreshing to see a review site that isn’t bought by one bot/broker or another and tells the facts..Please keep up the good work and keep us informed..

    • Thanks alot Dennis! Please share this BOTested website in your social media. Our goal is to be number one. Avoid scams, make money!

  2. Hi Keith,
    I have a request! I am a beginning trader from the US and would like to know if you could recommend trusted auto traders/signals and broker combination..The reason I ask is a good signal service may not have a good broker to sync with especially for US..I have signed up with a signal service only to find the broker(s) they use are having bad reviews usually regarding withdrawals and support..
    Thanks again,

  3. i tried to activate my software with ice 9 technology but the website wouldnt activate and kept sayimg deposit monney. so keith asked me for my login details and helped me to the fullest. thank you keith

  4. UK Options won’t pay out. I’ve £742 in my account since 15 June and they have locked me out of my account. Any suggestions please?

  5. Hi Dennis.
    I got sucked into signing up for Binabot v2 through one of these so call review sites that are promoting it claiming they are making all this profit.
    What A big mistake. This software is crap. First thing, It took almost 2 weeks and a bunch of email back and forth with the support team of Binabot to get it to place trades because it would not work. It finally started placing trade after 2 weeks and what do know the result was horrible. It placed 10 trades over a 2 day period. 3 wins and 7 losers. After that I just turned it off.
    I can;t believe I fell for that shit. I really believe now what you said all these people are in on it and they are are all part of a collective with one common goal and that’s to scam you out of your hard earned cash.
    I wish I found your site 3 weeks ago because I would have been saved from this piece of crap.
    Keep up the good work.

    • It’s BOT not Dennis. BOT incidentally is short for Binary Options Tested, what a co-incidence : ) BinaBot2 is not really a scam but not great system either. We do not really recommend it. We have found Wall Street Trading Software to be the best so far. It’s packed with features and broker of your own choice and backed by excellent support team. Highly recommend it!

      Thanks a lot for appreciating our hard work. At Binary Options Tested, we say BIG NO to money offers to print fake misleading reviews to promote bad binary options signal services!!

      Please share our website wherever you can to help others!!!

      • My apologies BOT.
        Thanks for correction. I hope you guys keep doing good work and never give into these marketers and promote their junk just for a few extra bucks.
        I am looking forward to trying out that wall Street Trading Software.
        Thanks again and keep up the good work.

  6. Hi Keith,
    I tried to send you a new binairy option trading software using the form on the Blacklist page.
    This is the software and the broker
    The address they showed on their email doesn’t exist.
    Their mailing address is:
    BOCM Limited
    88 Last St

    FMTrader broker Kylie Brooke use pic of Kylie Padilla in her profile

    I personaly think its a scam so if you want to check it out and let me know what you think of it.
    Thank you in advance,
    Sincerely yours
    Patrick Robillard

    • ok we have to look into this. We will let you know in about a week by email. If you don’t hear anything back then just send reminder email on [email protected]. We’ll also publish our findings on the website.

  7. I got burnt by a bogus broker, gtp capital. At first it started well but I had problems withdrawing. I had to hire a refund professional to gt my money back. Its disappointing to find out that you’ve been sod a lie. glad this finally over.


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