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What is 1k Daily Profit system? Can I really make $1000 everyday with this system? Is it really possible to earn money while I am asleep using this auto trader? Read this detailed review to find out if you can make money online with this new online trading scheme which came out recently.

What is 1k Daily profit?

It is an automated online trading service developed by fake identity named John Becker. It claims to help users make a profit of $1000 on daily basis using binary trading options. It claims that it can help people make maximum profit with least efforts and time. All they need to do is activate the automated service on their system. However it turns out that this online auto trader is another online swindle.

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Who can use it?

This automated system is most likely targeted toward novice users of internet and people who want to make money online but they have literally no experience of trading. Moreover it claims that the users will be able to trade like pros. It is based on a relatively new algorithm that claims to have been used by great traders like Warren Buffet which is a complete utterly false. The accuracy rate is claimed to be as high as 99.8%, again any Auto Trader signal service claiming to have over 60%-70% winning rate is a lie. Above all, you can be sure that you would be losing positions in the market with this auto pilot online scam.

1K Daily Profit offers?

John Becker claims that this automated software is free to use but the fact is that it’s not; it is backed by some scammy broker located in some secret locations. 1k daily profit is supposed to provide users with access to an algorithm that will enable them to earn profits of $1000 daily even when they are away from the system. The claim is too good to be true.


FAQ answered by John Becker (Fake Identity)                                             

Following are some of the commonly asked questions as answered by on his website:

  1. What I can expect from this system?

The system claims that the members can earn a profit of $1000 on daily basis, $30000 monthly and $365000 yearly. (Complete scammy statement using greed factor to lure in innocent inexperienced traders). Lies

  1. How much I need to work for earning the profit?

You just need to work for an hour per day and you will have good flow of income. (Again a big lie, it takes more time to research market in a chosen asset before placing positions). 

  1. Can I earn even more than 1k with this system?

There is no limit on the profit that you can earn using this system. This automated system gives unlimited potential to its users to make as much money as possible. (Lies lies more lies)

  1. How much I need to pay for using this system?

This automated system is free to use is sharing this system for free. He claims that there are no hidden fees in using this system. The users just need to fill up a form and they can get access to the system that will change their life.(They will most likely store your details and spam you forever, very untrustworthy)

  1. Is there any similarity between MLM, Forex or Affiliate marketing with this system?

There is absolutely no similarity between 1k daily profit and MLM, forex or affiliate marketing. This system is based on an entirely new algorithm that helps users to win trades with accuracy as high as 99.8 %. (There is no evidence of what they say is true)



1k Daily Profit features:

cross-75x75   Fake trust badges on website
cross-75x75   Get rich soon promises
cross-75x75   High risk to scam
cross-75x75   No proof of earnings

All readers are informed to be skeptical of offers like the 1K Daily Profit which promise get rich quick schemes. They may also offer bonus or cash money. These fake scam websites will promise you dreams like buying your own house soon, pay college fees for your children, quit your day job etc. I plead everyone to stay away from such websites and not become victim to this and end up paying them to make you rich this way. Binary Options is a method to make money online however it requires years of practice, market knowledge and experience before you can start making money this way.

Scammy Broker

This 1k daily profit automated software appears to be a scam at the first sight itself. It was launched on 15 February 2016. They have signed up with broker called Binary Brokerz which is untrusted, unregulated and unregistered. I mean how many of legitimate businesses have casual z(brokerz) instead of s. These people are professional scammers, that is why they are not familiar for business etiquettes.  The team who created this automated software in fact successfully scammed a few binary options traders even a week before the launch of the system. The fact is that 1k daily profit is not an automated system that will help you make $1000 profit on daily basis, rather it is a scam that will steal your hard earned money from you. It is full of lies that have been told on the site by actors to misguide common people.

There are many things that prove that this automated system is nothing but a scam. For example the person who is claimed to be the creator of the system is not a real identity thus not a real legal business. Yes, this 1K Daily Profit is nothing but a scam. The picture on the website that is claimed to be of John Becker is a random pic picked online. It was used just to create a fake identity by the team behind the creation of this system. It was clear when attempts were made to locate his identity at various social media networks. There was no information about the founder of 1k daily profit system.

Several binary options traders reported even before the launch of this system that it is a scam. Another thing that points to it is that this system claims to enable the users to earn $1000 per day, $7000 per week and $365000 annually. However, we all know that there markets are open only 5 days a week that is Monday to Friday. So even if you are able to earn $1000 per day, then also you cannot earn $7000 in a week.

Another thing that goes against this system is its claim of 99.8% success rate. The expert traders are aware of the fact that no automated system can have this much of success rate. No automated system can predict the whole market movements accurately. Even the most powerful and successful auto traders of the industry hardly have a success rate of 85%. Not only the false claims by the system, but even the actors that have been used in the video presentation on the site.


After the careful examination of the system, it can be concluded that this system is a scam and there are many things to prove this face and hence you should not fall into the trap of this automated system. The aim of 1k daily profit scheme is to deceive innocent people of their hard earned money, hence stay alert and never fall prey to such gimmicks.


Verdict: 1k Daily Profit is a SCAM!!

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