How Binary Options Robots Work?

Binary Trading is one of the easiest ways to earn money in these economically volatile times. You just need to know how to use the relevant data right and map the signals that can put you on step closer to becoming rich. If you are new to binary trading then you must know that you don’t need to sweat a lot in order to profit from binary trading. It can be done quite easily by using technology. How? Read on to find out how.


What are Binary Options Robots?

Fully automated

Binary Options Robots are simply software that helps you to earn loads of money by using its complex algorithm technology. There are a few variations of this software. Some software would allow you to simply sit back and relax while they do the trading for you in lieu of a fee. This software will take over your accounts and do the trading with no option for manual intervention.

Signals service

The second option is the trading software that signals you of important events and news that can impact trading. You just need to use the data provided in the right manner to earn loads of money. The third option is to simply copy highly experienced traders’ moves and earn money
from it. You don’t need any technical or in-depth knowledge for this option as you blindly follow an expert who knows what he or she is doing.

How Do Binary Options Robots Work?

Binary robots have the capacity to receive signals from 6 types of trading indicators. If one selects more than one indicator, it must be remembered that they must be correlated. Otherwise, the signal will not be generated.

For instance, if one selects MACD and RSI, they both have to be PUT signals to allow a robot to execute a PUT trade. The same applies to CALL. If a person wishes for a robot to execute CALL trade, both MACD and RSI must be CALL signals. If MACD provides a Call signal and RSI provides a PUT signal, the robot would not execute any trade. Both MACD and RSI are the indicators that offer the best signals.

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Popular Trend Indicators

MACD: Moving Average Convergence is a signal that’s provided only when two moving averages that have different periods cross each other. Binary robots use MA20 (20-period moving average) and MA50 (50-period moving average). When MA50 cross under MA20, the robot would produce a CALL signal and when MA50 moves over MA20, the robot would produce a PUT signal.

RSI: Relative Strength Index highly depends on the magnitude of recent losses and gains. This signal is provided when there are several gains closes rates when compared to the low losses closes rates. This signal is also provided when there are several losses closes rates when compared to the gains losses closes rates. The former situation is called an overbought situation while the latter is called oversold situation. In the overbought situation, the robot will give a PUT signal while in the oversold situation it would give a CALL signal.

Market Direction: This indicator would offer the buy or sell signals only after considering the evolution of market when compared to the past rates.

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Stoch Indicator: The Stochastic Oscillator would compare the last closing rate with the price range of a certain time frame. This indicator is similar to RSI indicator because it identifies oversold and overbought situations. When the closing rate closes very near to the high of the period, it would offer PUT signal. If the last closing rate is much near to the low of the period, a CALL signal would be generated.

Williams Percentage: The Williams %R would compare the closing rate with the average rate over a specified period. In an overbought situation, it would offer a PUT signal and in the oversold situation it would offer a CALL signal.

CCI Indicator: The Commodity Channel Index would analyze the relationship between the moving average, the current rate and the normal deviations from the specified moving average. This indicator would determine if the currency pair is oversold or overbought. It would also offer PUT signal in overbought and CALL signal in oversold situations. One should use the CCI indicator along with any of the oscillator indicators such as RSI, MACD, Williams %R, or Stochastic.

Are Binary Options Robots A Scam?

If you have the opinion that all binary options are a scam then you are not altogether right. There are several genuine Binary Options Robots over the internet that has helped millions of people to be rich by investing a small amount of money. See our article on which are good and bad robots. All you need to do is to differentiate between a scammer and a genuine binary options robots provider. How can you do it? Keep reading to know.

To filter a genuine website, you should remember that the layout of the website should be good, it should show the recent trades and explain the features of the software well. A genuine website would also allow you to have a chat with customer support at least during busines hours, it will charge a nominal fee not a hefty one and would not make unreasonable promises. In our experience earning $50 – $100 every day as a beginner in binary options trading is possible. A genuine website would also be a bit old(due to length in business) and have the option of trading in more than one commodity.

Our Honest Opinion on Using Binary Options Robots

Our honest opinion of the Binary Options Robots is that you should try the robots if you think you can understand what they are doing. Start with a free version or a demo so that you understand how they work. When you get comfortable with the process, use the manual trading option as giving total control of your trading to a technological entity when you don’t understand the trading much isn’t a wise option. Afterwards, when you get ample knowledge and experience of binary trading, you can try a fully automated binary options robot. If you are interested in learning more about binary options robots see our article.

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