Binary Freedom Formula scam review

Do you ever dreamed of living in a luxury house and travelling in a luxury car and going on an exotic vacation with family? Do you think all this is possible without hard work? Can you imagine that any auto trading software can get you that? Can you imagine there can be some autopilot that can make you earn as much as $1300 without fail per day and that too even when you have no knowledge about the binary options trading? Well this is what Binary Freedom Formula claims. Let us find out the truth behind it. Is it true or is it just another scam in the market.

What is Binary Freedom Formula? is an auto trading software that claims to make $1300 per day for its users. All the users need to do is spend one hour per day on this software and rest all will be handled by the software and you will be making huge profits daily. No matter if you have any knowledge about the trading basics and the market or not. (Do you think it is possible?) The creator of this auto trading software claims that this software is based on an algorithm that was earlier used by a major bank. According to him, this software is available for free for only 27 people in the year 2016 and after that if anyone is interested in purchasing it, he/she will have to pay a price of $997 for it. (Another way to scamming and luring people to sign in for the software and fund their trading account)

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Who can use Binary Freedom Formula?

As per the claims of the creator, anyone in this world can use this software. No matter if he/she is a student, housewife, employed or unemployed. Anyone can use this system and make millions. No need of any technical knowledge or experience of trading. Just login to the system and it will start working in a matter of a few minutes. The accuracy rate is as high as 93.5%. However, there is no poof to any of the statements or claims made. Any sensible person can understand that if it is this easy to make money then everyone will just leave work and start relying on such auto-traders. It is true that there are some auto trading platforms in the market but most successful of them also have a success rate of only 50-60% and there are days when they fail too. All the claims made by the creator of Binary Freedom Formula are misleading statements made with the aim of creating a false impression on the mind of viewers and to lure them to sign up for this fraud system.

What Binary Freedom Formula offers?

As per the claims, Binary Freedom Formula offers access to an auto-pilot system that enables the users to earn a minimum of $1300 per day by just spending an hour per day. However, in actual these are all bogus and false promises to deceive innocent people of their hard earned money. It says that no obligation or commitment is required on the part of the users when truth is that they need to fund the trading account to enable the software to start trading on behalf of them. That’s minimum of a few hundred dollars and eventually you will end up losing that money. This is what this fake online trading system has been created for.

Binary Freedom Formula features:

cross-75x75   Fake testimonials
cross-75x75   Bad website
cross-75x75   High risk to scam
cross-75x75   Fake trust badges

Binary Options Tested’s Advice

We strongly advice our readers to stay away from such scams and fraudulent systems as they might end up with losing their hard earned money. There are many loopholes in this Binary Freedom Formula. Firstly the success rate of 93.5% is something you should never believe of. No trading software can be so accurate and can judge the market with such precision. The testimonials shown on the website are all fake and there is no way to prove they are from real users. Even the proud traders shown in the video are paid actors and there is no evidence that they are actual users of this system. So, beware and think twice before signing in for any such system who makes claims sounding too good to be true.

Review of Binary Freedom Formula

There are so many loopholes found in this system which actually prove that it is just another trick to trap people who want to get rich quick by making money online. You simply cannot buy luxury homes and cars without putting in your hard work. No auto trading software can help you when you actually do not have knowledge and experience of binary options trading. The high success rate of 93.5% is in itself a proof that this system is a spoof created to fool innocent people. The video on the main website says that this system has been created after extensive research of 3 years and it has been tested before putting it live. However all this is complete lie.

If you scroll down on the website you will see a chart showing some trades, it will show Live trades in action and interestingly you will never find a single trade that failed, all successful trades. How is it possible with an auto-pilot? These figures are just generated by some software with the sole aim of fooling people. So do not fall prey of this system. Everything is fake, the claims made, the testimonials, the people shown as real traders, all this is just to lure people. And then it is said that this opportunity is only for 27 lucky people. However, if you will open this website after a few days or even after a few months, you will still get the same thing. So, it is clear that this system has been created with the sole aim of fooling people.


There is no substitute to hard work. You need to beware of scams like Binary Freedom Formula else you will find yourself losing your hard earned cash. Binary options trading can help you make good profits but that comes with years of experience and expertise on the market and not with some auto trading software. If there existed any such system in the world, nobody would have been poor. But the reality is that if you are thinking that this system will help you get rid of your financial worries, then you are highly mistaken and may end up in further debts. It is therefore highly advised to stay away from any system that claims it can make you rich in just a matter of a few days. Nothing can make you earn $1300 per day without even having knowledge about trading or market.

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Verdict: Binary Freedom Formula is a SCAM!!

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