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TrianaSoft has come out with their autopilot binary options platform. Who are behind TrianaSoft auto trader. How they make their profits. Is TrianaSoft software real or a scam? Real full review to find out.

Details about TrianaSoft

Developed by a fake identity Michael Wedmore who worked as hedge fund manager who quit his job and teamed with a very intelligent again a fake identity developer David Campbell(Head of Research & Development). Binary Options Tested(BOT) conducts review to disclose whether this new software is as good as it sounds. I will open account with them and show you what it’s all about.

TrianaSoft is binary options trading platform which automates the process of finding suitable trades and places positions on behalf of account holder. The platform gives the user ability to get up to 92% winning trades. The system is pretty easy to understand and use but unfortunately an orchestrated scam.

The online trading system is simple to get registered with make your deposit of $250 to start trading. In most cases knowledge of stock market are also helpful otherwise you are just throwing darts in the dark. However it comes with a built in auto trading option. It can select and place trade automatically which is actually what makes this software pretty handy. However due to a scammy software your investment is most likely to have more losing trades then a winning one.

Under any binary trading system there is high risk but with that comes higher ROI. In my experience there is always a catch and the catch here is that you have to be either very skilled and experienced or just good old fashioned lucky to make a lot of money at price of small investment. This platform promises high but I don’t think it’s turn out is as good as is sounds because it is controlled and developed by scam artists who manipulate innocent hard workers to reel them into a fake system like this one.

Actors not a real investment team
Not a real identity card


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TrianaSoft – Website
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TrianaSoft binary options platform offers:

cross-75x75   Unrealistic high winning rate
cross-75x75   Claims of get rich quick
cross-75x75   OptionFM is an unregulated scammy broker

Try TrianaSoft with my account

Members Login page, TrianaSoft – Member's Login
User email:,[email protected]

BOT’s Conclusion:

TrianaSoft is nothing but a hyped sales pitch. The video is shot using actors and their story doens’t check out. Save your wallet a loss and do not invest in this scam. Stay safe and visit my recommended services list to find best working auto traders and brokers.


BOT’s Verdict: TrianaSoft is a SCAM!!

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