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What is “I Markets Academy“. How does I Markets Academy work. Read this quick review to find out.

I Markets Academy explained

This website is to educate & train individuals about who wants to make some money online using the commodity and forex binary options trading. There are three plans offered basic which is free, advanced for $50 and expert for $99.

Highlights from the Video

I Markets Academy I Markets Academy I Markets Academy

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I Markets Academy – Website
Support – Web Form

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binary institute logo <<– Another Alternative

In case you decide to go ahead with this use the bottom instructions to sign up and share your experience with us. For alternative money making binary options out there check out my Binary Options Tested best brokers list.

I Markets Academy binary options platform offers:

checkmark2   Secure website
checkmark2   Popular training spot on the web
cross-75x75   Unimpressive website
cross-75x75   Have to sign up with a broker to learn how to trade

I Markets Academy dashboard

Brokers available

All deposits and withdrawals will be done through a selected broker. A broker will automatically be selected depending on your location. The brokers available from I Markets Academy which I know so far are:

  • Binary Brokerz (Registered company in UK as DSML Ltd but Unregulated by FSA)

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Members Login page, I Markets Academy – Member's Login
User email:,Password:,tHJ5Y2lm

Should I sign up with I Markets Academy

This is a 2 in 1 deal. You get to learn and hopefully earn. This may not the be the best learning website for binary options out there but it seems promising. It’s up to you if you think you can gain something from it. Remember the free level is only very basic. You would have to sign up with their chosen broken and open account with $250.

BOT Verdict: Neutral

I Markets Academy logo

Countries Available: Worldwide

How to join I Markets Academy

Important! Must read before you sign up!

  1. Close all sessions/tabs of the I Markets Academy site in your browser if you have any open
  2. Clear your browser’s cookies(Optional but recommended).
  3. Sign up with button below using your email address/phone number. (They do not share your email it with anyone)
  4. Deposit $250 to start trading within 1 month.

 I Markets Academy <– Official Sign up Button

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Bo Not BS Review – Binary Options not Bull SH**

What is “BO not BS“. How does it work. Read the detailed review to find out.

Is BO not BS a Scam?

Read this Review in full to find out.

This is a recent binary options system developed by software geeks and some hardcore expert traders. BOT(Binary Options Tested) goes in to find out whether this new software is any good. I will register with them and show you what it’s all about. It uses knowledge based automatic trading system to beat the human trader. It claims to use statistical analysis and pattern recognition which becomes a powerful trading machine. Hmmm…interesting.

Useful Links
BO not BS – Website
Support Email – not found

This system is an auto trader which places trades automatically on behalf of the account holder. There are many auto traders available today. Some work but some don’t work. Some work sometimes none work all the time. In my experience it’s also to do with which day of the time you turn on the auto trader. Many of the times the market volatility also affects it but that’s exactly what the auto trader is suppose to counter to bring you profits. The better the auto trader higher the chance of winning the positions.

Majority of the auto trading bots I’ve come across online does not work! Needles to say that there might be periods when the bots would make money because the probability of getting a guess is pretty much 50 50. It does help to have a system designed by bunch of geeks and experienced traders to place these best guesses. Among the many auto trading software services available I would caution against signing up with an untrusted service. There are few good regulated binary option services which you can sign up for.

It is not promising a high ITM which is a good start. They are claiming to a 70% winning ratio which to be honest is a good number for an auto trader software. I would say any auto trader claiming to have a winning ratio above 70% is outright lie. Having a guaranteed high ratio can result in market crash in itself. Think about it!

Their website was registered in 2015 and they started to advertise it in 2016 so I think there is a good chance that they were testing their system all this time. So far I have seen mixed reviews on other websites so far but because of so many negative points from my side I have to put this service on my blacklist trading services. Feel free to email me if you have more details about this service.


Highlights from the Video

binary-options- bo-not-bs-review (5)
First lesson in trading. There is not such thing as a 100% probability. In fairness they are saying that also.
binary-options- bo-not-bs-review (8)
They lack strategy to backup their claims
binary-options- bo-not-bs-review (16)
The truth is they are a Scam
Fake meaningless logos

Fake Links
Fake Links

Bo not BS platform has:

cross-75x75   Lying about secure SSL website. I did not see SSL(Secure Socket Layer) icon on browser
cross-75x75   Does not clarify how the money will be made / What their trading strategy going to be
cross-75x75   No evidence of profits
cross-75x75   Unimpressive signup page
cross-75x75   No customer support
cross-75x75   Non working links
cross-75x75   99Binary is an Unregulated Scam Broker

 Try Bo not BS with my account

Members Login page, Member's Login
User email:,Password:,test1234

BOT’s Conclusion:

The presentation of their website is extremely poor. There are fake trust icons and dead links inside their members page. Help yourself and do not invest in this scam. Stay safe and visit my recommended services list to find best working auto trader or broker.


BOT’s Verdict: BO no BS is a SCAM!!

More scam services be to aware of: The millionaire BOT, My 1st online payday, Drexel Code

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The Millionaire BOT – Make $13,425 daily?

What is “The Millionaire BOT” which promises $93,975 every week with their FREE SYSTEM. Find out reality of The Millionaire BOT. Binary Options Tested investigates to find details whether this “free system” is really worth your time.

Details about The Millionaire BOT

The Millionaire BOT doesn’t seem to have any name or identity attached to it. No address, no names no nothing. The cheap video shoot is filled with a narrator named “James Robinson” voice telling anyone to become rich quick. It doesn’t even say what or how the system is going to be making money. The system by which you can make you a millionaire might be related to binary options but there doesn’t seem to explain anything about it let alone start talking about a trading strategy and performance.

This is an unknown disguised platform which promises thousands of dollars without doing anything. The system lacks credibitliy and presents no assurance of its claims. I noticed that there is some connection of The Millionaire BOT with binarybonus.net but I wasn’t able to figure out what.

the-millionaire-bot (3)
Fake Testimonials – Filming in front of an old curtain presumably in their house
the-millionaire-bot (3)
Fake Testimonials
the-millionaire-bot (3)
Fake Testimonials – See their advertisement here
millionaire-bot (1)
Website link for actors

You can’t make hundred of thousands of dollars in first month! It is all big fat life and you shouldn’t either…A perfect example of websites like this that ruin the name of the industry.

Useful Links
The Millionaire BOT – Website
The Millionaire BOT – Member's Login
Support email –

The Millionaire BOT binary options platform summary:

cross-75x75   No identity endorsement other than unbacked testimonials
cross-75x75   Quick rich money making scheme
cross-75x75   Doesn’t give any commission charge rates
cross-75x75   Unregulated Broker See more BlackListed Brokers
cross-75x75   Doesn’t give details of how the money will be made
cross-75x75   Unrealistic promises

 Try out The Millionaire BOT

Members Login page, The Millionaire BOT – Member's Login
User email:,

BOT’s Conclusion:

The Millionaire BOT has fake testimonials, actor screen narrator and scammy broker. Help yourself and do not invest in this scam. Stay safe and visit my recommended services list to find best working auto trader or broker.


BOT’s Verdict: The Millionaire BOT is a SCAM!!

More scam services be to aware of: TrianaSoft, My 1st online payday, Drexel Code

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Drexel Code Review

What is “The Drexel Code”. Can I make money online by using The Drexel Code? Does it really has 100% winning rate? Read my full review to find out the answers.

Details about Drexel Code

Cory Drexel who claims to be the CEO with his team of developers called the “The Brew Crew” who love drinking coffee and other social drinks. Binary Options Tested goes behind the scenes to find out if this “Elite group of people” are really worth your time. It claims 100% winning trades and making $50 million dollars in one year alone without a loss. A complete lie.

Drexel Code hired 50 programmers in 2011. In start they claim to have 90% to 95% winning rate making consistently $15,663 per day and now its up to 100% winning trade without any loses. Very bold statement if you ask me.

Drexel Code is binary options trading platform which automates the process of finding suitable trades and places positions on behalf of account holder. The platform gives the user ability to earn up to 97% profits (there is 3% commission on all profits) on auto pilot meaning the account holder just sit back and watch his trades win or lose.

You can set it on auto trade in which you don’t have to do anything. Really?

watch the video

Useful Links
website http://drexelcode.net
Login http://trade.drexelcode.net/login.php
Brokers GTOptions, TitanTrade, Bloombex Options

Drexel Code binary options platform offers:

cross-75x75   Unregulated brokers
cross-75x75   Unrealisted profits
cross-75x75   Can’t change broker without having to contact support first
cross-75x75   Too many annoying calls from them to deposit minimum trading amount

BOT’s Conclusion:

Drexel Code is nothing but an impersonating website trying to take name of a well known university. They have put enormous amounts of money in their advertising campaign showing expensive cards and mansions. They are lying about their beta testing synopsis of 50 people. Their live counters will always say show same timings and rush you into signing up by a very pushy sales person in their video. Help yourself and do not invest in this scam. Stay safe and visit my recommended services list to find best working auto trader or broker.

BOT’s Verdict: Drexel Code Not recommended

BOT's Trusted Auto Traders: Ice 9 Technology BOT's Trusted Binary Brokers: OX Markets | Finpari

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BinaDroid- A Money Making Machine?

BinaDroid is an auto binary options trading software which just came out of no where in March 2016. Developed by this gentleman called Troy Everett from UK who claims that he has rate as high as 88% success making winning trades helping successfully traders tons of money. The auto trading software has a calculating technique to select the best trades leaving behind losing because no human can compete with the speed with that of a computer. This is where automation of decision making in binary options trading kicks in. Read this review in full to understand whether this Binary Options auto trader software is worth your a try.

It is alleged that “Millions of dollars has been made using this software”. They are going to accept only 150 users worldwise and after six months they will license per user at $2500. I go behind the scenes to uncover the practicality of this BinaDroid and reveal it all!!

It is believed that Everett developed this program for a company which he worked for but when he found out that the company is making a lot of money off of it so he quit and took the software with him. The entry page of the website is pretty straight forward. You have Mr. Troy Everett giving you introduction of the software. The website is itself clutter free and straight forward to use. You enter your name and email to join. Mr. Troy claims that BinaDroid is created on an “android based technology for binary options auto trading” platform & information from social media. It uses ranking system using past historic data performance.

To be honest Mr. Everett does not strike me as a programmer. Could he be a spokesperson for the developers team behind? Maybe so but actually I don’t care even if that is the case as long as their system is genuine. The test below will reveal whether BinaDroid binary options auto trading software stands up to its claims of giving me up to 88% positive trading results.

There were some things which struck me bit odd on the website for example there wasn’t any way of contacting the team in case someone has questions before joining. Surely if you have any questions feel free to contact me at  2000px-Aiga_mail.svg or ask in comment box below and I will be happy to answer your question.

According to the BinaDroid binary options platform:

checkmark2   Select risk levels from High, Moderate, Low
checkmark2   Select one or two DroidBots at a time
checkmark2   No payment request, no credit card details needed (unless you decide to trade live, you can’t trade for nothing, well duh)
checkmark2   Forex Trading, Commodities Trading, Stocks Trading, Currencies Trading, Indices Trading
checkmark2   No need to download any software as its website based
checkmark2   No previous trading experience required
checkmark2   24 hours Email support
checkmark2   Deposit methods are Wire Transfer from your bank account or Credit card(Visa/Master etc). More options available
checkmark2   Easy to learn trading platform
checkmark2   Over 40 trading assets to choose from between currencies, commodities, indicies & stocks

BindaDroid-Binary OptionsBinaDroid support is 24/7BindaDroid-Binary Options

How BinaDroid Auto Binary Options Software works?

BinaDroid takes into account and monitors two things in its auto trading algorithum. 1st is the market conditions based on information gathered from current world market event and 2nd it has a ranking system which arranges past performance to make future predictions. Woah! It sounds good to me.


Sign up with BinaDroid Binary Options is simple & easy

Just enter your name, email, and password.binadroidd

How to Trade with BinaDroid Auto Binary Options Software

You basically have 2 optionsAuto Trading” and “Manual Trading

binary options

Auto Trading:

  1. Choose number of positions you want
  2. Choose Risk Level
  3. Choose Investment amount
  4. Click on “BUY NOW”

Manual Trading:

  1. Choose Asset
  2. Click on HIGH or LOW
  3. Choose Investment
  4. Click on “BUY NOW”


Brokers available

All deposits and withdrawals will be done Choosing broker with BinaDroid binary optionsthrough the selected broker. You have the option of choosing a broker automatically. I think it doesn’t matter which one is being used. The
options available from BinaDroid so far are:

  • WMOption
  • OptionFM
  • Banc De Binary
  • Binary Book
  • Big Option


How to place positions

You have three different options to choose in terms of expiries 60 seconds, 120 seconds or 300 seconds.

  1. Whether you think price will go up(then select high) or down(then select low). The return amount. This is the total amount which will back into your balance if your prediction was correct.trad
  2. The amount you are gong to place minimum is $5 and maximum $250. I recommend that investors keep the amount per position to $5 only until you are experienced with how the system works and to not lose your money. Of course you can win too but it is better to have experience first.positions cost

Setting price on placing positions is easy.

Useful Links to BinaDroid(Links will open a new tab)
BinaDroid – Website
BinaDroid Support Email 24/7 –

Information about BinaDroid

BinaDroid Binary Options

 BinaDroid Review bottom line


  • Clean simple website
  • Good customer support
  • Start with free account


  • Have to fund your account with $250 to start trading
  • Despite the name does not offer Android App but you can use it on your browser on your smatphone/tablet
  • Max two DroidBots
BinaDroid Binary Options Auto Trader
BOT metric,BOT score
1. Ease of use,9
2. Choices of payments,10
3. Initial start up cost,9
4. Available access methods (Desktop\, Android\, Apple),5
5. Training,9
6. Support (Quality & Speed),7
7. Regulation,10
8. Payout methods offered,8
9. Number of assets offered,8
10. Return on investment,9
Total, 84 out of 100
Countries Available: Worldwide

join now free

How to join BinaDroid

We stand behind our recommendation 100%.

steps to register

  1. Close all sessions/tab of the service's webpage in your browser if you have any open
  2. Sign up with official link

 Sign up here <<—Official Sign up Link

Once you see this message you are all set. Get cracking and make some money!

binary options


TrianaSoft Review

TrianaSoft has come out with their autopilot binary options platform. Who are behind TrianaSoft auto trader. How they make their profits. Is TrianaSoft software real or a scam? Real full review to find out.

Details about TrianaSoft

Developed by a fake identity Michael Wedmore who worked as hedge fund manager who quit his job and teamed with a very intelligent again a fake identity developer David Campbell(Head of Research & Development). Binary Options Tested(BOT) conducts review to disclose whether this new software is as good as it sounds. I will open account with them and show you what it’s all about.

TrianaSoft is binary options trading platform which automates the process of finding suitable trades and places positions on behalf of account holder. The platform gives the user ability to get up to 92% winning trades. The system is pretty easy to understand and use but unfortunately an orchestrated scam.

The online trading system is simple to get registered with make your deposit of $250 to start trading. In most cases knowledge of stock market are also helpful otherwise you are just throwing darts in the dark. However it comes with a built in auto trading option. It can select and place trade automatically which is actually what makes this software pretty handy. However due to a scammy software your investment is most likely to have more losing trades then a winning one.

Under any binary trading system there is high risk but with that comes higher ROI. In my experience there is always a catch and the catch here is that you have to be either very skilled and experienced or just good old fashioned lucky to make a lot of money at price of small investment. This platform promises high but I don’t think it’s turn out is as good as is sounds because it is controlled and developed by scam artists who manipulate innocent hard workers to reel them into a fake system like this one.

Actors not a real investment team
Not a real identity card


Useful Links to TrianaSoft (Links will open a new tab)
TrianaSoft – Website
TrianaSoft – Member's Login
Support available from member's dashboard

TrianaSoft binary options platform offers:

cross-75x75   Unrealistic high winning rate
cross-75x75   Claims of get rich quick
cross-75x75   OptionFM is an unregulated scammy broker

Try TrianaSoft with my account

Members Login page, TrianaSoft – Member's Login
User email:,Password:,123456

BOT’s Conclusion:

TrianaSoft is nothing but a hyped sales pitch. The video is shot using actors and their story doens’t check out. Save your wallet a loss and do not invest in this scam. Stay safe and visit my recommended services list to find best working auto traders and brokers.


BOT’s Verdict: TrianaSoft is a SCAM!!

More scam services be to aware of: The millionaire BOT, My 1st online payday, Drexel Code

BOT's Trusted Auto Traders: Ice 9 Technology BOT's Trusted Binary Brokers: OX Markets | Finpari

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Copy Buffett Software Review

This recent app which came out as Copy Buffett Software also known as Copy Buffett Software which seems to be making a lot of promises. We dive in to this offer to test it and see how it ranks on our top most deliverables as binary options. I would like to ask the audience this question: Do you really think Warren Edward Buffett’s strategy is RELEVANT & GIVEN AWAY in today’s world? The answer would of course be resounding NO! At least from a thinking perspective.

Warren Buffett(by the way Buffett’s correct last name spelling is Buffett with two ts) who started his fortune from trading shares in small textile companies back in 1962. The markets were not as today. It takes a lot longer for an investment to get a feasible return due to tons of factors involved like what you invest in, how you diversify and the general market trends due to economic and natural climate in a particular geographic region! Additionally the amount you decide to invest and whether you stick to your strategy also counts a big time.

Here is how much he actually made according to claim earning $380.34 per second

Warren’s wealth

In 1 second: $380, In 1 minute: $22,820, In 1 hour: $1,369,224, In 1 day: $32,861,376, In 1 Month: $1,002,271,968, In 1 year: 12,027,263,616

So someone thinks that Warren Buffett made 12 trillion dollars in one year just alone!? I don’t think so. Here is I think why. Buffett’s net worth is at $62.3 billion dollars(source: forbes.com) in 2016. The whole of US’s 2013 net tax intake in 2013
warren-buffett was 2.49 trillion (source: irs.gov see page 11). I let logical people extend from these facts themselves.

Coming back to this Copy Buffett Software also being refferrd to as “Copy Buffett Software”  lets make one thing clear that it was NOT made by Warren Buffett himself and I’m guessing not only trading through binary options. The makers of the Copy Buffett App claims to have been influenced by his style and said to have “found his strategy” and now they are sharing it with the world on a trading platform to benefit others with a cost of 5% commission on trader’s profits.

alert1 Scam services be to aware of: See Blacklisted Services

According to the Copy Buffett Software platform:

checkmark2   you can double or even triple your money in “three months”. (That’s right there’s no quick return.)
checkmark2   There IS something as free lunch (free trial of 30 days view only so you can see how how to use it)
checkmark2   No payment request, no credit card details needed (unless you decide to trade live, you can’t trade for nothing, well duh)
checkmark2   Jeremy Fin is the maker of this Software who claims to be top software developer in silicon valley for the last 18 years
checkmark2   Claims to have copied Buffett’s artificial brain’s trading mentality
checkmark2   Complete training
checkmark2   Live chat support
checkmark2   Live chat with other users
checkmark2   Will not share your email and name with others to keep you private
checkmark2   They charge commission of 5% on your profits only

Copy Buffett Software runs automatically if you set it to autopilot giving user best returns because it can deliver hundreds of signals instantaneously as its connected with binary options trading parties but of course market on a particular day varies the result. There are people who are claiming to have doubled their money in a day on the internet!!

Official website http://copybuffett.com/

Jeremy Fin tells you about Copy Buffett Software

I tested the Copy Buffett Trading Software and here are the results

Copy Buffett Test Results

Day 1: Started trading with $250
Day 3: Balance is $361
Day 5: Balance is $407

copy buffet day 5


  • Try free for first 30 days
  • Easy to learn
  • Regulated brokers


  • Have to fund your account with $250 to start trading
  • Have to keep using the app to make profits

This is one of the few auto trader out there that has now stood out since its launch in early 2016. It is certainly gone viral and making some serious amounts of profits to some. I’m also using it in my spare time to make money on the side. Be sure to go ahead with it all the way by opening your account with $250 deposit to start trading.

Verdict: Copy Buffett Software is Approved

copy buffet software

Copy Buffett Software <<– Official Sign up Link


All of BOT's recommended service is backed up by Binary Option Tested's 100% satisfaction guaranteed seal. Which means if you are not fully satisfied with our recommended service then please contact us and we will help you out. In addition we provide everyone with our full help support through email absolutely free.