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The in thing nowadays is online trading from binary options, to bets to name them all. Maybe most of you have so far heard of GPS Trader and how it is pretty a lure if not being called pushy to let people sign up. It is because of the never ending urges that have made us look closely into this system to clear the air whether it is up to the game. We do not intend to refer to it as a scam but it is just that we would not recommend it based on matters of legitimacy. There are so many binary option trade systems and at least we have a slight idea how they should be operating.

I bet that probably GPS trader do not understand how binary options move along. What surround this trader are lots of misleading claims and some racket schemes as we see it. To begin with, how is it possible to make up to $20,000 in just one day, with a simple 3 minute set up, none of your effort except that for the GPS team?  This is what the alleged founder of GPS Trader, Richard Heffner, is offering; and fully guaranteed for life. Total lies.

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What makes GPS Trader fake

First and foremost, the CEO of GPS Trader, Richard Heffner, via his popular presentation does not really explain what this trader is all about. To some extent, we think that he does not adequately understand the concept of binary options trading. The fact that GPS is claimed to be paired with Rapid Counter Trade to detect any contingency trade is not in line with binary options. The volatility is prone to change the risk level even with the slightest change resulting to many trades being executed either way for a loss or a win.

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The next reason that raises eyebrows is the testimonials that we are flanged with. We have lots of millionaires here as they claim, who have been on the system for up to 3 months now. This is another plot to make you believe that there is a treasure in this system and yet there isn’t.  The reality of the matter here is that has been online for about a month from May 2016. Does it seem uncertain how these millionaires came to be even before the system’s onset online?

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The other food for thought is concerning live updates. Somewhere in the video presentation it is stated that there are only ‘8 spots remaining’. To be precise, is this meant to be pre recorded or live updates? There is no point of making users believe that the offer is valid for only 24 hours and could probably be gone by tomorrow and yet continues to be in operation each day after the other. This is a simple plot to make everyone get to sign up for an account. The CEO further states that whoever joins is a winner. As a matter of fact, how can ten people join today and then they all win within the next 24 hours. When the deal is too good, think twice.

Auto trading is one other point with the GPS Trader. By now, most of us understand that trading binary options would engage the outcomes of either a yes or a no market proposition within a given moment. If GPS Trader account is supposed to be set to auto trade then how is the profit or loss going to depend on the yes or no proposition?

GPS Trader CEO also comments that it is not possible to lose with this trading system. This is kind of tricky as far as binary option is concerned. The market proposition ought to determine whether someone losses or gains. In fact, is it the team doing everything for you or this is a matter of gauze and win or loss.

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Reasons not to invest

Up to this point, I believe that the observations have portrayed some pictures in your mind. There is no way a system is going to make you lots of cash without your effort. As a matter of fact, this is not how binary options work. I believe you can make lots of cash anyway but you also have to know how to trade. True binary option traders would engage you more concerning how to operate. Most of them even go ahead to provide the right tools to make it work for you.

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Realistic profits ought to be your concern the next time you decide to sign up for these trading. There is no point of luring traders with a free system, knowing pretty well that great things do not come freely. GPS Trader claims to be offering free joins meanwhile there are some charges waiting for you to dish out. You should at least be required to make some minimal deposit before verifying your account after a sign up. I believe this is the way to go with binary option trading because you actually need to deposit cash to be able to carry on the process.


As a result of GPS Trader get rich quick presentation, we could say that it is a get rich quick racket that leaves everyone wondering whether it is genuine or not. There are as well misleading facts about binary option trading which leaves us puzzled as to whether they know what they are trying to communicate to traders or not. Therefore before getting into such trades like GPS Trader, it is a wise idea to do background checks first.

Verdict: GPS Trader Not recommended

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