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Do you think there can be software that can enable you to earn $2000 in just 4 minutes?  Is it possible even if you do not have any knowledge about trading or market? Do you think it’s possible to make money just sitting at home doing nothing? If this was the case, I guess there will be no poverty in the entire world. All people will be happy and rich. Sounds too good to be true! Isn’t it? Well, this is what The Money Glitch software claims to do. Let us review this money glitch and try to find out if it’s true or just another scam in the market.


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What is The Money Glitch?

The Money Glitch is automated software for binary options trading. It has been designed in such a way that even newbies can use it and earn money in binary options with less risk. Represented on the website by Selena Fairbrother, who herself show in the video how simple is this software to use. She introduces the creator of this software as David Matthews. It is said that a great amount of money and three years of research has been put in the “money glitch” to develop. However, there is no explanation how this system actually works.

Who can use The Money Glitch?

This sign up scheme is designed for fools and idiots. It’s all gimmicks to fool innocent people.

Not only this, once you open the website you will see, ‘Only available in your country’. As per Selena Fairbrother, the makers have decided to test the software in only a few countries and that too for a limited number of people. According to the website the software is made available for only 20 people in select countries. However, it is not true. We have tested the software using different IPs and found the same thing again and again. So it is also a false statement made by the creator to fool people and push them to sign up as fast as possible.

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What The Money Glitch Offers?

In the money glitch video the half naked girl said in the video that this software is available free for only 20 people in selected countries however it is just so that people react in haste and eventually lose their hard earned money.

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Our Advice

We strictly recommend our readers to stay away from such scammy softwares. This whole system sounds fishy at the very start when Selena starts to take off her clothes to go in her rented house pool. The people representing the software in the video appear to be hired actors. No software can make you money sitting idle doing nothing. It is just a gimmick to fool innocent people. To make money in the binary market, you need to understand the market very carefully and gain experience. No software can help you if you do not have any knowledge about the market. So please beware of such scams.

There is no trace of the said person on any social networking sites. In the video, we see her signing for a new account and then she offers the money glitch software to 4 strangers and we see them start making money in exactly 4 minutes of their log in. Can you even think that you can make $2000 in just 4 minutes?

This is nothing but fraud to deceive innocent people of their hard earned money. If you think you can get rid of your financial worries, then you are mistaken greatly. The fact is that you will find yourself stuck more deep in your debts and might lose what you had saved for yourself.

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It’s claimed that this money glitch software is working freely since last 78 weeks and has made millions of dollars for the users. Another false claim as the site itself is just a few weeks old. Another false claim made in the video is that traders can withdraw their money the same day. However, no broker can agree to such deal. The traders can withdraw amount from their trading account in minimum 4-5 days and not sooner than this. All figures and all testimonials shown on the site are just a way to lure people to sign for this fraudulent system.


After careful examination of this software, we can conclude that it is nothing but just another scam in the market. We beware our readers to please stay away from such scams. Anything that claims you to make money in just a matter of seconds, doing nothing, without any knowledge about the market is just a scam and nothing else. If you really wish to make money from binary options trading, then you need to spend time studying market and do the hard work of analysing the market trends. Sign up to real brokers.

Verdict: Money Glitch Software is a Sexy Scam!

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