Swarm Intelligence review scam

Here’s the latest scam called Swarm Intelligence which claims to use superfecta system. Is Swarm Intelligence worth your time? Read this Swarm Intelligence review to find out all details.

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2 Stars (2 / 10)

Scam Website: http://swarm-intelligence.co/ Their website quality is ok.

Swarm Intelligence scam review

Swarm Intelligence is an Auto Trader software which trades automatically on your behalf. The software works like a robot which knows when and which trades to take bringing a profit. Unfortunately not all auto trading robots perform well. Whats also important that the binary options brokers associated with the broker are trust worthy. Before signing up with any auto trader make sure you checkout the broker which has been assigned to you. We recommend regulated binary broker or atleast a trusted binary options broker so that your account balance is in safe hands. Checkout our best binary option brokers.

How much Swarm Intelligence system cost?

Swarm Intelligence may claim to be either free or giving away bonus balances. Soon or later their associated broker account will need to be funded by money which can be $250 or more. That is ok but the problem is that they might be using untrusted brokers. Even if they were to use trusted or regulated brokers, there hasn't been any proof of Swarm Intelligence software to actually work.

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So in this video within few minutes they will explain how they will apply something called Superfecta which according to them has been applied to winning sports matches to binary options.

Dr. Steven Francis which we think is not his guys name explains you his bull sh*t scam. He has spent last 15 years in adaptive significance of the behavior of animals and he is going to explain you how Swarm Intelligence is going to make you money. HAHAHAHAHA. This has got to be joke of the month. Lets carry on.

Let me ask you one simple thing. How can something if even it did worked in areas of animals, ants, bees, fish etc apply to binary options predictions? The short plain answer is that it can’t. These ***holes come look up some theories and which are only theories to try to impress you by pretending how advance they are become when the fact is that they are scammers. Scammers to put you out of pocket to get you to sign up with a binary options broker their job is done. Then you could use their “system” which is more or less same as another one from same bas***ds but they just change the design of their one page “website” or “system” or “software” or “app” or whatever you want to call it.


They want to convince you that they want to learn from what happens in nature to accurately predict things like horse winnings or call and put in binary options trading. Interestingly enough this fake doctor talks about the Silicon Valley. I have seen this calling of the Silicon Valley many of the times and other similar scams. Does this look like someone from Silicon Valley to you? Absolutely not! These people are clearly paid actors than the usual Silicon Valley nerds.

At this point he talks about how he has done some word for Dr. Louis Rosenberg. It just amazes me how everyone is said to be an expert and doctors in these scams. Don’t be fooled I would happily do social service for 30 days if even a single of these crooks show their credentials. This “Dr. Louis Rosenberg” who is CEO of the said fictitious company called “Unanimous” LOL.

Then he goes on to talk some more technical gibberish about how Swarm was asked to order the four winners into win, place, show and forth place. The superfecta odds were 540 to 1 having $100 bet staked to get payout of $54,000. What bunch of irrelevant non sense.

Then he goes on to tell you more lies by reading his bs pre written script about how the predictions went from 40% to 70% using swarm intelligence. Then he thought about how he can use “his” swam intelligence to apply it to online trading. We have heard this before how someone working in another field using their expertise in online trading. This bullsh** scam uses the same technique to fool its viewers.

Then he mentions “David Baltaxe” SERIOUSLY!! WHERE DO THEY COME UP WITH SUCH FAKE NAMES. I decided to google this name and see if anyone by that name so it turns out THERE is someone with that name in some company named Unaimous heres the link to his profile page and his linkedin profile. So turns out they are using fake identities to make their claims legitimate but they are forgetting that sensible people would investigate and that is exactly why you are reading this honest review.

Now he will mention Thomas Porter who is the computer wiz at IBM. Again they are using a credentials of a person working there and here is his linkedin profile.


These scammers have started to use other people’s real identities to use as their own but how naive they are to show fake people with a clearly different person. We think that these scammers think the people they prey on their credit cards are as dumb as them but they are wrong because here at Binary Options Tested.com we are to protect everyone from such scams.

This guy explains that Thomas is retired and he has 30 years of programming experience which is bunch of crap because if you look at Linkedin Profile of the real Thomas Porter you will see that he only joined IBM in 2005 so that makes it only 9 years not 30 years.

Lies lies and more lies. It’s sickening to be honest how these scammers come out with convincing lies by making these fabricated videos. They are on in it for taking your money and run. We guarantee that these people don’t ever answer any emails once you have deposited money with your broker.


Speaking of broker they don’t even give you an option to choose a broker which you want instead their signup will assign you a broker randomly depending on where they get the highest commission. After sign up they have nothing to do with you so you can forget about hearing from these scammers ever again.


Is Swarm Intelligence Auto Trading Software a Signal Service?

Swarm Intelligence is suppose to work like an automated trading software upon which binary options trading are conducted on user's. Auto Trading Softwares work similar to signal service which predicts which trades could be winning on the other hand signal service simple tells you this information without placing the trades i.e you have to place trade yourself.

Should I get started with Swarm Intelligence?

Swarm Intelligence has scored low enough on Binary Options Tested's scoring system which has earned it as scam status. There are many scam money making schemes which are based on binary options trading but they actuall either don't work or connected with scam binary options brokers. It is not recommended to use Swarm Intelligence. Instead we ask you to seek alternative. If you really insist to use Swarm Intelligence its your choice. Do let us know the results in the comments with your trading experience with Swarm Intelligence so others can benefit from it.

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Swarm Intelligence review summary

Swarm Intelligence may not be what you are looking for. To be honest there are so many fake auto traders and very few which might make you some money.

Swarm Intelligence info check:
Possibility of scamVery High
Starting Balance250($€£) or major currency
Realistic profitsNo
Get rich quick schemeYes

Conclusion of Swarm Intelligence scam review

After seeing “proof” there is no evidence that this is a money making system especially by their same old one pager “website” which is just a landing page to try to get you to sign up. We have done signup with fake details and we clearly see the same old system just re branded with a new fake story. Save your time and money, try something else. This is a fail. Go to best auto traders to see which have much better chance of you making any money.

Verdict: Swarm Intelligence is a identity theft deceiving Scam

Swarm Intelligence is rated 2 on scale of 0/10 by
Scam Website: http://swarm-intelligence.co/

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