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What you may have heard before about binary options trading is that it is easy! And there is some truth to this. However, one difficult aspect is distinguishing the real from the fake, the legit from the fabricated and the wrong from the right. Here at BOT (Binary Options Tested), we offer you the best alternatives to SCAMS that you can find on the market. The key is reading whole reviews in order to know in essence the experience we want you to gain from, so that you can make informed and easy decisions for your binary trading. Millionaires Blueprint is one such alternative that we would like you to keep in mind. Keep reading for the whole story. Is Millionaires Blueprint worth your time? Read this Millionaires Blueprint review to find out all details.

5.5 Stars (5.5 / 10)

Website: Their website quality is good.

What is Millionaires Blueprint?

Millionaires Blueprint is an Auto Trading software service created by Walter Green. Millionaires Blueprint has some characteristics of scam service due to the score system which BOT uses to find out whether such a binary options service as Millionaires Blueprint could be a useless piece of software or not.

How much Millionaires Blueprint system cost

Millionaires Blueprint is advertised as free as with all auto trading software systems because the broker pays a fee to the auto trading system. Even though Millionaires Blueprint is advertised as free the broker account with which you will need to open account will need deposit of $250 minimum. That is ok but you should checkout if 1 the auto trading software is real and works and 2 binary options broker is not a scam. Once these two things are verified you are sure to be safe that any money deposited or traded in your broker account is completely yours to withdraw anytime you want.

Is Millionaires Blueprint software system safe?

To be on safe side we only recommend auto trading softwares which work with trusted brokers. To our understanding regulated brokers are more safer than unregulated brokers, however there are some restrictions placed on regulated brokers which is why they are not able to provide their service worldwide. We have also found regulated brokers to charge higher fees because they have more costs. In either case any auto trading software such as Millionaires Blueprint which we recommend you can be rest assured are safe to work with.

Recommended Auto Trading Software

Millionaire Blueprint’s website looks really impressive with testimonials, snapshots of real, live trading and good answers for scenarios where you may be confused.Walter Green, the creator of  Millionaire’s Blueprint offers you to trade in a way which is manageable as it gives you many instructions on their site on how it is done and offers webinars and training videos for trading support as a nice addition to customer service. Our question up for debate is how effective this auto trader is and whether the forum for making this software ends up with solid results.

A tempting button in the middle of our screens reads “start today”. It seems so simple and yet is powerful. It is strong in its ability to persuade you to want to read, inquire and research more about this “ Millionaires Blueprint” that boasts an average 82% win rate and no experience needed tag line. In order to figure this whole software out, we have tried to gather and analys reports from the program’s users as detailed in their video. The problem is that even they admit on their website that their promotional video and the people involved are all fictitious. This worries us slightly, however unlike other fake promos, at least Millionaires Blueprint are being honest with us that the video is purely for entertainment purposes.


The Millionaire Blueprint is stated as a free software system . The creator only asks that you set up a trading account with a broker that is compatible with the system. However,upon doing this you must add an investment to your account which is around $250 as needed by the broker, which we must stress is normal for binary options trading system. You are directly not required to pay for the system as the developer earns a commission from their broker for every sign up that is registered with them.

Is Millionaires Blueprint Auto Trading Software similar to Signal Service?

Signal Service is slightly different to Auto Trading Software because an auto trading software places trades automatically with it' connected binary options broker. However signal service predicts position which you can use to place your position manually to any binary options broker. See details below to see which binary options brokers are connected with Millionaires Blueprint.

Millionaires Blueprint is marked as take caution, what does it mean?

BOT website has three categories in which we place ranking according to our assessment. Take caution would mean that we think that Millionaires Blueprint is neither best nor a scam. At the same time we advise to be careful signing up with . Do not deposit money which you cannot afford to lose. Try not to accept free offeres from their broker as this can cause difficulties later on.

Could these be scams, Check them out

watch the video

Millionaires Blueprint info check:
Website badgesGenuine
Possibility of scamMedium
Starting Balance250($€£) or major currency
Realistic profitsNo
Get rich quick schemeYes
Compatible BrokersOption 500

Conclusion of Millionaires Blueprint review

SO, let’s get to the point. What exactly is worth knowing about this system and should you sign up with it as a good software alternative? The answer in short is it can be profitable and yes you can sign up with confidence. With what we have seen, we have reason to believe in the integrity of Millionaires Blueprint. However, as with all trading we need to always take care in investing our money. So be vigilant and happy trading!

Verdict: Millionaires Blueprint  Take Caution

Millionaires Blueprint is rated 5.5 on scale of 0/10 by
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