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Created by Rich Paulson and David Avery who are the maker and owner of this latest auto trader called Crunch Tech. They claim to have a winning ratio of up to 85% which translates to about $89 per hour. Is Crunch Tech worth your time? Read this Crunch Tech review to find out all details.

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Closed Website: Warning: Crunch Tech's website might be operating but the business is closed. It is not recommened to register or signup with them as it will not be functioning account and you may lose the money because there will no withdrawals can be made.

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The makers of Crunch Tech auto trading software is said to be programmers from Stanford with combining their skills of financial and weather prediction skills. Rich Paulson is a weather enthusiast before starting Crunch Technology he made some of the most accurate GPS systems.

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This auto trading software is created by the team with Captain Crunch theory which is about commodity trading using binary options systems. This auto trader app is designed for people who are looking for an automated system for trading in commodities like oil, silver and gold. There are also currency trading available like USD, EUR, GBP. Actually there are number of auto trading software available these days and it’s hard to find the one that works.

Crunchtech software is giving 90 days free trial offer. We are not sure what the charge would be after the first trial period but supposedly you don’t have to continue if it doesn’t work out. If you are looking to break into binary options then our recommendation is to start with an auto trading software. After having some experience you can always trade manually with the same broker or pick a new binary options broker depending on your liking.

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They also have app for

This is the last information we had received with from this website.
Crunch Tech info check:
Website badgesnull
Possibility of scamLow
Starting Balance250($€£) or major currency
Realistic profitsYes
Get rich quick schemeNo
Compatible BrokersOption Bit,  BinaryBook,  Secured Options,  CT Option,  Wynn Finance

Warning: Crunch Tech's website might be operating but the business is closed. It is not recommened to register or signup with them as it will not be functioning account and you may lose the money because there will no withdrawals can be made.

4 thoughts on “Crunch Tech review scam”

  1. Crunch-Tech is a NASTY SCAM.
    Check out the brokers which get allocated to you when you register with no choice being given!!!
    The broker will be unlicensed and on Scam Broker Blacklists.
    One or two are licensed but their License details are incorrect.
    Why do such clever people use Scam Brokers? – Because they want to scam you out of your money.
    No genuine Binary Options Trader wants this software on their website because they would not make any money. Common sense. The video shows no hard trading details. Is it part of the scam.
    They scammed me.
    Scammers are Scum.
    It is easy to check out. Just google the broker that they allocate to you for scam alerts.
    Spread the word.
    Safe trading

    • Woah, Simon. 95% of the auto trading softwares don’t give a choice before assigning their registrants. This is because they are most likely different brokers available depending on the country you are in. If you or any of your reader find that you want to register with a different broker contact us and we will get you signed up with different broker provided that auto trader supports it. About Crunch Tech being a scam, you didn’t say why it’s a scam. Maybe you got unlucky and lost trades, that itself wouldn’t be a scam. One thing you are right about is importance of broker selection. No matter which auto trading software you choose your brokeryh has to be dependable and scam free.

      • Hi Bot,
        Thanks for posting my comments.
        My comments to your reply are :
        Crunch-Tech sell only 1 combined thing which is their Trading Software running on a Crunch-Tech selected Binary Options Broker. They have a “Duty of Care” to offer quality brokers who are not going to steal or scam money from the customers.
        Crunch-Tech are responsible, period.
        It really is that simple.
        If anybody wants a detailed review of how Crunch-Tech are pulling off the whole scam then google an excellent article by Ms Anna Georgiera ( CRUNCH TECH SCAM GEORGIERA ) and another excellent review by Mr John Novak ( CRUNCH TECH SCAM NOVAK )
        I didn’t do any bad trades. I knew that I was being scammed when I was up against their stopwatch in choosing a broker. This was followed 5 minutes later with lots of phone calls from the Scam Broker. I have had 5 different brokers allocated because I used 5 different email addresses. They were all listed on Scam Alert Websites with associated horror stories. I wrote to Crunch-Tech support to try and get a good broker. They advertise that their support will respond in 24 hours. I have never received 1 reply from support.
        I am confident that I am being scammed.
        I just want to ring the alarm bell for a possible scam to other people.
        It is like buying a new sports car or luxury car and it comes with dodgy dangerous tyres. It doesn’t make any sense.
        Allocating unlicensed and unregulated dodgy scam brokers doesn’t make any sense unless they are scamming you. I mean Crunch-Tech is scamming you by using scam brokers.
        If I bought a new car with dodgy tyres then I complain to the car manufacturer. I don’t complain to the tyre manufacturer.
        The car manufacturer should know not to sell you a car dodgy poor quality tyres.
        Crunch-Tech should know not to allocate dodgy Scam Binary Options Broker.
        I am telling people not to believe me.
        They just need 5 minutes and an internet browser and some common sense and they can check it out themselves.
        My only advice is this – the minute scam comes into the situation then run. If you don’t then expect to lose a lot of time and money.
        Happy Trading and don’t feed the sharks.
        Regards from Simon


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